Where To Start?

Where To Start?

Trying out this whole blogging thing.  Let me start out by saying I have no idea what I’m doing with any of this. I don’t know anything about the bloggy-world, don’t know how to be a good mom or wife – heck, I’m not even sure what’s going on when I’m putting my pants on in the morning (or afternoon, or, you know, whatever time I actually manage to put on pants!) Somehow, I guess, it all gets done. I mean, my Doodle’s still trucking along, my husband still greets me with a smile when he comes home, you’re still reading… I guess I’m doing something right. Maybe I should have changed out of my pajamas today…

A little background sounds good, right? I’m Kortney. I’m kind of awkward sometimes – I overanalyze most of what goes through my head, and the thoughts that actually do come out run on like amazing little wordy marathoners. I love making things: fun crafts, knitting, sewing, even making wood stuff with manly tools. I’ve got a beautiful son, Doodle, who is two and a half years wild. Of course, that’s not his legal name, but I call him that so much more than his real name… is it too late to change his birth certificate? He’s my world, and he makes me smile and laugh more than anything else could. I’m absolutely in my element when I’m with him. Then there’s my amazing husband, we’ll call him Jake. Not because that’s his name or anything – I mean, it is his name – but it’s always just sounded like a good name to call him. He’s been my best friend for almost ten years now, and I truly can’t imagine where my life would have ended up without him.

Like I said, I have no idea what I’m doing through any of this. Dishes pile up frequently, homemade meals don’t come around as often as they should, and I have no idea what the different procedures are for washing whites vs colors. Frankly, I’m amazed that my family is so happy despite me running the show fulltime. I hope to touch on all of my fails (and occasional wins) in my world with this blog – my family’s stay at home traumas.


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