What the *beep* did I just say?


So, I’ve learned over time that as a mommy, I’ve strung together the most outrageous sentences I’ve ever heard.  I’m talking, like, the second the words finish coming out of my mouth, I immediately have thought, What the heck did I just say?!?  Or start laughing my butt off, or you know, whatever.  So I started a list…  The phrases that left an impression.  The mantras I drilled into Doodle’s head…

* We don’t pee in the dragon.
(This was his Halloween costume.  I drilled this into his little head every time he tried it on in various stages of creation.  I was terrified of an accident trick-or-treating.  He still says it every time he plays in it.)


* We don’t pee in the lion.
(Ah, his high chair.  For some reason, this is his favorite spot for accidents!)
* We wear pants when we go outside.
(Pretty self explanatory.  Doodle absolutely LOVES “naked boy” time, and sometimes it’s difficult to explain to him social norms or cold weather concerns…)
* We don’t put dinosaurs in the couch.
(I laughed my butt off the moment I said this the first time!)
* Your poop wants to go swimming.
(This was actually to his cousin when I was working on the potty training bit for him. Boys and pooping in the potty has been quite the challenge!)

I know there’s a whole slew of other random things I’ve said to him and his cousins.  I’ll try to think of more.  What are some ridiculous things you’ve said?  Things you’ve heard other parents say?  Sentences that wouldn’t make sense to anyone without kids without a 30-minute explanation?  🙂


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    • I’m sad there’s already things I’ve forgotten. Hopefully, with blogging on here, I’ll be kind of pushed to keep up on all of the memories I don’t want to lose. 🙂

      • Good luck. Bloggin has definitely affected the way I percieve and remember things. Also, the fact that things are written down and preserved certainly helps the old memory as well.

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