Growing Pains


I start thinking about how fast my little man is growing every once in a while.  I go through his pictures birth to current and just work on remembering as many moments as I can.


Then I realize that in the blink of an eye I’ll be trying to remember these current moments the same way.


Every time he enters a new phase, I’m so in love with who he’s turning into, but I just wish I could have one more day with him the way he was before.  He’s currently working on amazing pronunciation skills, and I’m so happy to see him succeeding, but I just LOVED the way he said the difficult words and phrases.

I recently read this post and it reminded me that I also wanted to preserve some of Doodle’s word-blunders.  Then, a few nights ago, I quite accidentally (and much to my dismay) reformatted an old cell phone of mine that still held about 100 pictures that didn’t exist anywhere else.  I don’t want to lose anything else that I don’t have to lose, so thank you, Adventures in Babyknitting, for the gentle reminder (and the welcome into meeting your life and loved ones through your blog).

These first three have really changed from his original pronunciations:

Dennan – Seven.  🙂  He started with one, do, bwee, bore, bife, gix, dennan, eight, nine, ten, but denan was by far my favorite and, lucky me, the one that stuck the longest.  It’s in between sennan and seven now, depending on how much he pays attention.

Bubbash – Slyfox.  Bubbash was part of our lives for a long time.  It morphed into Bwybox about six months ago.  This one has been hard on me, I knitted up “Bubbash” for him, a fox-raccoon hybrid, and it’s been his best sleeping buddy since before he was a year old.  It is now Swybox, which is super darling in its own respect, but it’s just not the same.

Monerbycle – Motorcycle, of course.  Every time one would pass us, he let out this insanely loud “MONERBYCLE!”  It’s perfectly motorcycle now.  Sad mommy, indeed.

The rest are still current, so I don’t need to lament over them quite as much.  🙂

Nona bar – Granola bar
Mew mew man – Mailman
Was-ed-ed-at? – What is that?
I know – I don’t know
Cue me – Excuse me (he’s so darn polite!)
Mosser – Monster
Pastagetti – Spaghetti
Maca-oni cheese – Macaroni and cheese
Dip-ip – Either the phrase “dip it” or any type of dip (ketchup, mustard, ranch, barbecue sauce…)
Put-ed-ed dow – Put it down
Beana-anna – Banana
Cwee-mup – Clean up
Queer – Square, learned this one with my hubby telling Doodle to call his uncle a square…  I have that on a video somewhere…  🙂
Wornge – Orange
Wittow wine-gines – Little Einsteins, his absolute 100% favorite cartoon in the world.


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