My Doodle loves “Megos”.  My husband loves Legos.  Match made in heaven.  🙂


Forgive the underoos.  As I’ve said a few times, it’s nearly impossible to keep him in pants for an extended period of time.


I’m fairly certain Jake is enjoying playing just as much as Doodle is.  Maybe even more so.

He’s such a good dad.  🙂  He can’t wait until Doodle is old enough for “real” Legos.  Building spaceships, towers, robots, dinosaurs… whatever else boys build with Legos?  I’m grateful, however, that his current phase of giganta-Legos means that I can fairly easily see them on the floor and I’m not often stepping on them.

I’m sure they’ll enjoy all the other wonderful boy things that Jake is excited for: climbing trees, playing video games, shooting slingshots…  What else do boys do?

This is fun for me, I grew up as the youngest of three girls.  Not only did I only learn the “girl” side of growing up, but I also only really saw the stuff older girls did.  I didn’t have a lot of friends, so I learned about how to play and what to do from my older sisters and their friends.  Now, Doodle and the child inside my husband get to really show me this whole other side of growing up.  🙂


What do you think?

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