Making Christmas, Making Christmas, La La La!


Doodle’s been absolutely hating naptime lately, so today we decided to send him to bed with the award of helping Mommy and Daddy with “something special” when he got up.  Now, this may be one of the last years where he won’t know what we’re talking about – until he starts understanding all of those context clues like snow, the parade of lights, and all of our neighbors getting to it before us – so we figured we’d go for it.  Freaking A, it worked!  He was so stoked, however, that his typical 2 hour nap was only about 45 minutes.  You can’t win ’em all.

So he wakes up and bolts down the stairs, unsure of but crazy excited for the special something…

Let me first interject, however, a little game of I Spy


Ok, have a fun peek at some of my world: my garage.  Enjoy a vast array of random crap strewn about including, but not limited to: a pack and play, lawn furniture, Spider-Man, a child’s potty, a coffee maker, a bicycle, a bookshelf, a blowgun, crutches, a cooler, a rake, a teddy bear, a 3-part crock pot set, and a pen.  If you can find other definable artifacts, let me know.  I probably haven’t seen it in a year, and I may have even forgotten about it.  You may have noticed my lack of mentioning the giant elephant in the room.  World’s easiest game of Where’s Waldo, eh?  Yes, that’s a fully erect, fully decorated Christmas tree in my garage.  Yes, it’s been there since mid-January.  Yes, it was Jake’s job to put it away.  No, he has not heard the end of it.  Now that I’m completely humbled and my hoarder-esque garage has been shown to the world (or 10 people, or, you know, whatever), let me get back to my story…

So anyway, I loved having Doodle help us set up the tree last year, so I didn’t want to just pull it out of the garage as-is, fluff it up, and call it Christmas.  Instead, for 45 minutes while Doodle napped, I disassembled the Christmas tree, placed ornaments in a box and tree pieces in another box, and waited to put it all back together.  Yes, I did this exclusively for pictures.  Don’t judge me.

I showed Doodle how to put on a few pieces then walked away to see what he would do.  I came back to this:


He was concentrating so hard on snapping those pieces into their little slots, it was darling!


We got everything straightened out, though, and he started helping us match the right color pieces to their corresponding slots.  They had letters on the colored tape as well, which totally rocked.


“Find the yellow ‘C’ piece, Doodle.”  “How many black ‘A’s are left?” Hooray for learning opportunities everywhere!  Exciting, see?


We get all of the lights and garland up, then consider a nontraditional tree topper.


Maybe that will make it a little too top-heavy…  hmm…


That’s better!  Now what to do with this spare garland?



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    • We had a blast! I took so many more pictures (as I do) but I figured I shouldn’t bombard my post with a hundred pictures. Instead I’ll just smile at them to myself and think about the great scrapbook pages that I’ll never get around to. 🙂

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