I Got an Award?


So I had no idea that this new bloggy world I walked into came with awards until I saw a few of the blogs that I check in on had received awards. How fun, I thought. They do deserve awards for their awesomeness. πŸ™‚ I never really figured I was “in” enough with the “cool kids” to get one myself, however. Until, of course, A Mrs. And A Mama stumbled across my page and found me deserving of a Liebster Award, whatever that means. πŸ™‚


So here’s my very own special award, I’d like to thank the academy, so on and so forth…

This award has some rules, however, which I don’t really understand, so I’ll try my best to follow them. As Mrs. and Mama explained: “The Liebster Award is part of the blogging community in which one blogger awards to 11 others in recognition and encouragement for their efforts in blogging. It is generally awarded to those who have 200 followers or less.”

From what I understand, there’s 11 random facts I have to list about myself, 11 questions that Mrs. and Mama asked me, and 11 questions I have to ask to my 11 nominees. Silly 11’s, I don’t quite get it, but I’ll bite.

1. My husband and I got hitched at the clerk and recorders office shortly after we found out we were pregnant. It cost us $30 for the license and $.50 for the meter. Hooray for being frugal!
2. I haven’t matched my socks in about 14 years.
3. I collect 70’s style mushroom kitchen stuffs. Dishes, canisters, decorations. My life will not be complete until every inch of my kitchen is slathered in mushrooms.
4. I’m an Aquarius, Jake’s a Libra, and Doodle is a Gemini, making us all the three different air signs. We originally thought it would be fun if it worked out like that, but when we figured Doodle’s due date, it looked like he would be a Cancer. He surprised us, though. Apparently he was in the oven a little earlier than we thought.
5. Being a mommy is the only job I ever want, but I used to have aspirations of being a teacher. Before that, neurosurgery was somehow on the table.
6. I’m very clumsy, forgetful, and spacey, but remarkably I’ve never been in a car accident, broken a bone, or had any outrageous hospital visits. Two stitches on my hand when I was a wee little one is about the extent of my major incidents.
7. I live in Colorado, but I absolutely despise cold and snow.
8. The Walking Dead is the greatest tv show on the planet!
9. I can’t stand cow’s milk, but I adore cheese and butter.
10. I love knitting, but my wrist gets swollen and impossible to move without immense pain, so it frustrates me that I can’t knit as much as I’d like to.
11. I’ve had intentions of dreading my hair since I was about 15, but I have yet to make the leap.

Mrs. and Mama’s questions for me.
Staycation or Travel Vacation: I guess right now staycation, more financially sound. We’d love to travel a lot more at some point.
Television or Books: I sadly don’t have the attention span for books, but my favorite book I’ve ever read was Animal Farm. I want to read it to Jude when he grows up. So I guess tv, but we don’t really like it being on too much during the day. My husband and I do enjoy The Walking Dead and a lot of History Channel and National Geographic Channel shows when it is on.
Summer or Winter: Summer, summer, summer.
Favorite thing about your house: We have a good sized fenced-in backyard that Doodle and his dog can run around in safely.
What mode of transporation do you use daily: I guess walking, I’ll go several days without ever leaving the house.
Do you own a cellphone? What kind? Nope. Can’t find me unless I’m home. I like it that way.
Where ever you call work, what color are the walls? Home, I guess. Very light tan (almost white) with splashes of beige, dark brown, and a tiny hint of red.
Do you watch the news? Not typically.
US Magazine or People? Neither? I don’t really do magazines.
Short hair or long hair? Long. Husband, long hair. Doodle, long hair. We just like our hair around here. πŸ™‚
Favorite thing about blogging? Entering strangers’ worlds and seeing so many similarities and differences that connect us all but keep us very wonderful in our own special ways. πŸ™‚

So I guess here is where I nominate people. I’m just going to nominate a few of the wonderful people I follow who I’ve grown to really enjoy, as I’m still new to all of this and I haven’t met a lot of people. I’m not so good at meeting new people and such, so forgive me that there’s not 11. And I’m not sure what you do if you’ve already received this award, so play along or not, either way I’d still give you a fun medal if I could. πŸ™‚ I don’t really care if you’ve got more than 200 followers – that just means you’re that much more awesome and deserving, right?

Dork Daddy
& Squatch Makes Three
Dear #$&!% Baby
A Day in the Life…
I’ll Sleep When They’re Grown
Adventures in Babyknitting

My questions for you, my wonderful new parent friends:
Where would you travel to if money wasn’t a concern?
Do you wear a watch?
Ever climbed a mountain?
Any allergies?
What’s your favorite movie?
Do you prefer small holiday celebrations or extended family get-togethers?
What would you do if you found a 100 dollar bill?
Ever paid a stranger’s tab?
Do you believe in aliens, ghosts, Bigfoot…?
Do you put your elbows on the table?
Do you call it soda, pop, coke…?


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