Zombie Christmas!


So, Jake thought it would be fun to get Doodle a chainsaw. Not a real one, of course! Dinky plastic thing, actually has a spinning “saw” part, makes a horrendous noise, will probably cost an entire month’s rent in batteries… But of course we couldn’t just call it a chainsaw. That would just be silly! This is Doodle’s “zombie slaying device.”


Zommy sayer.

And he walked around the entire house all day waving that thing up and down, side to side, talking about zombies. I’m fairly certain he wouldn’t be able to retrieve it if you asked him for the chainsaw, pretty sure he has no idea that’s a word. This is for slaying zombies, that is all. At least he’ll have lots of practice if we ever get overrun by flesh-eating corpses… What’s perhaps funnier about this story is his Halloween costume from last year.



Yeah… what can I say? We’re big fans around here… Merry Christmas to all of you, I hope you’re all enjoying oodles of time with amazing family and friends. And thank goodness there was no zombie outbreak on the 21st. Just know that should things take a turn in that direction, come on this way and Doodle will protect you all with his chainsaw – err, zombie slaying device.


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  1. Oh man! That’s funny!! Will has been teaching Stella to “feel the power of the dark side” while shooting lightning out of her fingertips. If I can ever get a pic, he’s going to photoshop that.
    Let’s face it: this is why we have kids!!!

    • 🙂 We also play the Elder Scrolls video games and Jake has a mage character who shoots magic spells out of his hands. Doodle runs around with his hands out saying “hot fingers fireball!” making a “pshhhhh” noise. Yes, this is why we have kids.

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