Letter Sounds


So, I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty darn proud of myself right now.  🙂

We do not have a computer, just this fancy little tablet-machine I use for everything.  Literally, everything.  I even use a free app for texting as we don’t have cell phones.

So when it comes to trying to do intricate stuff like my budget, design my blog, or even just touching up pictures, I have to do everything with whatever free apps I can find and as much patience as may be necessary.

Doodle has an awesome game on here called Where’s Mommy.  It starts with a preloaded set of animal pictures with a doofus voice asking to find the animals, but the game is just so darn customizable!  You can add any picture you want and record your voice over it to ask a question or give a clue to find the right picture – you can even record over the doofus voice on the original set!  There are also extra sets of pictures you can purchase, but that just sounds like a big ol’ waste of money to me.

So I started adding family members’ pictures, food, vehicles, and eventually numbers and letters.  All little by little so he still got plenty of reinforcement for getting a lot right, but he was challenged with enough new ones.  Once we graduated from capital letters, I had to figure out what to add next…  how could I work lowercase letters and letter sounds at the same time with this game?  And how could I do that on just my tablet?  I searched and searched for clipart with capital and lowercase letters along with pictures, but none of my options were quite what I needed.  I had to get crafty!

So I downloaded a blank white square and some clipart of all sorts of pictures with different beginning sounds.  I merged them together using my photo editor, but I couldn’t add any text to my pictures.  I looked at a whole ton of free photo apps, nothing with the custom options I needed!  Finally I found it – a watermark app!  Just make the watermark 0% transparent and type in those letters!


Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s awesome!  🙂

Next, I think I’ll try some teens and twenties, maybe some shapes (other than just the basics) and a little more sign language, although a lot of the signs he learns now are made by moving his hands, so I’ll have to try to figure that out without being able to use .gifs.  But the possibilities are really endless!  Sight words, different languages, basic arithmetic, art, geography…  video game characters…  movie monsters…  album covers…  🙂  See what I mean?  Any picture or small few words with a verbal question or clue.  So much fun for the little ones!  And it helps quell my crafty needs when I’m not able to knit or sew as much as I want.  🙂


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    • Oh, don’t be envious! I can send you the files if you like them! They’d work with this game, or you could print them out for like flash cards or whatever, too. 🙂

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