Last Day of “Normal”


Just a few pictures for now. I’ve been super busy with my Doodle and his cousin, and I’ve got to start preparing for being even more of a housewife/mama as tomorrow quickly approaches and Jake’s spring semester starts on top of his full-time job. I will either not have a single spare second to come hang out with you all in the bloggy world or I’ll be on here an outlandish amount of time with rant after rant as I try to maintain sanity. 🙂

So here’s just a bit of the last week. This is why I do what I do.




Daddy made peanut butter pancakes for breakfast the other morning, and dinosaur and Slyfox were both hungry too. Charlie stayed asleep on the table the whole time, however, because he was still very tired.  (The orange guy is obviously Slyfox, or Bubbash for those who read my Doodle-blunders post.  I knitted him, because I’m awesome.)


This is Doodle’s “Xbox”, a retired controller we actually had to connect to Jake’s brother’s 360 so it would still light up when he turns it on but it won’t actually affect our (rather, Jake’s) gameplay by trying to connect to our 360.  Fancy little trick for Xbox 360 controllers in this here digital age, just in case you we’re wondering.  Doodle is actually quite good at this Tony Hawk arcade game Jake’s got on here, with the real controller even!  🙂


Taking a break to read with dad.  This may be one of their favorite activities together.  (Notice the beast my husband is real quick!  He got “assaulted” by one of his kiddos, scratched crazy good, this was taken about three or four days into the healing process.  He’s also been battling what we can only assume is an upper-respiratory/sinus infection for the past week+, and he’s still happy to go to work everyday where at anytime he could get really hurt while also getting ready for school to start tomorrow.)


That’s a pretty good depiction of my “daycare” days.  Toys everywhere (actually, I’m kind of surprised that there are still some toys in the bin and on the shelf… that will be remedied soon, not to worry!), and cousin who is a year older calling the shots, with or without Doodle’s approval.  And yes, a tree still up.  Hopefully after next weekend that will be put away – I couldn’t tell you the last year my side of the family had a “normal” December Christmas, and my house will be the location of festivities this year.


And finally, the only thing that gets me through days like today.  Doodle is *amazing* and typically doesn’t wake up until sometime between 8:30 and 10 – yes, you read that right.  But on my weekends with his cousin I have to be up at 6:30 (Don’t judge me!  That’s crazy early for me.)  Luckily, my Slovakia cup has a large capacity, my Keurig brews quickly, and my Pumpkin Spice Coffee-mate was on sale.  I need many refills throughout the day.  🙂


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  1. Good luck to Jake tomorrow. Tell him not to get discouraged as he progresses. There has been so many times, especially recently, that I have just wanted to quit school for the ump-tenths time; but I am so close to finishing, I just need to keep on truckin’.

    Good luck to you also, Kortney, you can’t get discouraged either. Just like us, it’s going to suck for a little while, but we will all get through it and it will be worth it all in the end. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.

    • Thanks, lady! I think it will work out just fine. His anxiety for all things school is really my biggest fear, but it’s been so long since that was an issue and his values and priorities have really changed dramatically since then, so hopefully he’ll be able to work through that easily. It all comes down to the simple fact that this just has to happen, we have to get through it all. This is really where Jake’s and my relationship is strongest. We’ve always been able to take our rough circumstances by the horns and just do whatever we have to. On a good note, you’re living proof that it’s possible to at least get as close as you are. 🙂 It will be worth it in the end, for us and you guys, and the end will only be another beginning. More challenges, more struggles, and more triumphs. That’s this life stuff.

  2. As always, Doodle is delicious, and I think it’s awesome that he shares food. As for your tree, I’m impressed it stayed up 5 minutes much less that it’s still up after the holidays. Had I put ours in harm’s way, it would have been on its side within about 4 minutes. What’s your secret?!

    • 🙂 As you can see in the picture, the bottom is getting continually messed up, and the skirt is constantly out of sorts, but Doodle absolutely *loves* that tree, and he knows full well that when I tell him I’ll take it away if he messes with it, that I mean business and he will lose his tree. It actually has been on it’s side once. Keep in mind that I’ve had two hellion toddler children around it by myself many many times since we put it up, but the *one* time dad and a dad friend were left inside with Doodle and his very mild-mannered girlfriend, not three minutes into my friend’s and my quick break outside it came crashing down on the kids, dads just looking crazy stunned wondering what happened. They were standing right there, too!

      Kind of amazing he shared his pancakes, that’s one of the few foods that doesn’t get chipmunked into his cheek. 🙂

    • I will absolutely take your vote into consideration.

      And let me see about finishing up some tutus I was supposed to make for Christmas, and I then will consider making *Squatch* one something-or-other like Slyflox. That will depend on my wrist allowing me to knit, though…

      • That wasn’t solicitation for you to make stuff. That was just admiration of your general awesomeness.

        And who said I wanted one for Squatch, anyway?

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