Scary Monster/Video Attempt 1


If you’re able to watch this video, here’s Doodle concerned about the scary monster in his mouth that he has eaten, the scary monster in the window by the blue [sky], and finally the scary monster in the kitchen.  🙂

Kind of glad I wanted to try out this video bit here on WordPress, I forgot this video was taken.  Don’t you just love his scared face?!


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    • 🙂 I’m pretty smitten. I’m glad Stella liked it, I’m sure they’d be good buddies. He does call her pretty girl when he’s sitting with me while I’m looking through the bloggy world. 🙂

    • Haha, he’s holding his laughter in well. I love how funny he thought he was about eating the scary monster. 🙂 The only things he’s ever *really* been scared of are the dark and didgeridoos.

      • Haha, yes, didgeridoos. A friend of mine makes them. His daughter and Doodle were playing with highlighters and black light in the dark (super fun, by the way) and he brought a didgeridoo into the room and started blowing in it. Crazy deep thundery noise, we already had the dark going against us… Doodle panicked and clung to me for dear life. Poor guy.

    • I mean seriously, there’s some scary monsters around here. A lot, too. Maybe I need to call an exterminator for all of them? Or is it for all of the mice? Oh my! Was my Doodle trying to tell me something?!

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