Watch Your Language


Oh, Doodle…

So he’s been developing his language skills very well.  Forming accurate sentences, getting his point across clearly the first try, learning an insane number of new words (that I couldn’t even begin to try mastering their ASL equivalents as fast as they’re coming in)…  And for as communicative as Jake and I are with him and always have been, I’m really not baffled by this or anything, but sometimes the sentences he strings together just crack me up!  Do I really talk like this so often that he learns it from me?  Or is he just naturally hilariously polite?

When I say, “Hey Doodle, I need you to go potty before we head out to get groceries,” he responds, “Oh, I’d love to!”

When I say, “Hey Doodle, can you let the dog outside to go potty?” he responds, “Oh, sure I can!”

When he spills some milk on the table, he says, “Oh, I’ll take care of it,” as he grabs the towel out of my hand and proceeds to clean up after himself.

And even when he’s being a punk not taking a nap, I go upstairs to lay down my stern mommy voice, and as I open the door I’m greeted by a completely naked boy (although his socks may or may not still be on) with his little voice saying, “Oh, hi there!  I don’ wanna take a nap.”

I wish I knew how to throw videos on this thing.  Is it something you have to pay for?  If you could just hear his amazingly darling little voice saying “Oh, hi there!” it would just absolutely brighten all of your days, I promise!  And he could send out a sweet “pwitty wady” message to all of you mamas who come by.  🙂  I must figure this out.  If I can’t, I might just have to make a Stay at Home Trauma facebook page…  I’ll get back to you on this one…


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  1. THIS is why I can’t wait for C to start talking! Although her babbles are absolutely adorbs, I can’t wait for her to say “Oh, I’d love to!” when I ask her to do something.

    Videos are easy. Don’t pay for the upgrade. Just get yourself a YouTube account and then upload your videos there. Then, just link to them in your blog and they should show up automatically. You can even indicate on your uploads that you don’t want them searchable by anyone on YouTube. Only people with the link can see them. I am TOTALLY useless when it comes to technology but even I could figure it out easily ;D

    • Woot! Yeah, I had absolutely no intentions of trying to afford an upgrade for this thing. 🙂 But that is a super simple way to do it, just gotta figure out how to do it with my tablet.
      Babies are absolutely fantastic, yours being one of the more adorable ones on the planet. The talking part is great, but it does make me sad when he loses various parts of the baby he used to be. Bittersweet stuff, this growing up thing. :/

      • It’s kinda cliche, but I’ll say it anyway: There’s an app for that. If you have an iPad, I know that Apple has both a YouTube and WordPress app in the store. The other platforms probably do, too. You just upload with the YouTube app (and it’s even easier if your tablet has a camera, because you can record and upload with the same device), then get the embed code and put it in the WordPress app. Super simple.

        I might have done it once or twice.

      • No worries about sharing all those techy cliches with me. I’m still very new to this world of smart things. 🙂 In fact, just today my whole everything on my tablet got rearranged by effing Samsung and their effing update. So now I have to re-figure everything out! I do have the YouTube and WordPress apps, and I have a basic undetstanding of how they work, I just have to actually do it once and then I’ll be a pro. 🙂

    • I’m a horrible awful potty mouth, and the way I’ve kept Doodle from repeating too many of those words has just been continuing sentences past the bad word. Makes it less of a fun new exclamatory word for him to practice and more of just a random contextual word he doesn’t care to figure out yet. That, and our dog’s name is Ash, that helps when he repeats a particular word we may or may not sometimes slip with. “Oh yeah, Ash. You think she’s hungry?” Boom, distraction!

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