I Wanna Be Sedated


So, to start this post, here’s a little flashback for me and anyone who knew me before I started this blog.  For my new friends here, this is going to be a little bit of my crazy coming through.

Doodle has a summer birthday, beginning of June to be more precise.  I think it was around the end of August when we decided on a home birthday party last year.  His first birthday was at a gym, lots of fun, minimal clean-up…  But there was a horrendous time constraint on everything, making an already stressful day even more stressful.  We didn’t want to go that route again, and we had moved into this place with a really big yard, so why not?

Well, it hit me that our weed and dirt yard just wouldn’t do for my crazy everything-has-to-look-perfect-in-pictures brain, and we wanted a decent yard anyway to entice us to get Doodle outside playing in it more often.  But we were short on time – even fast growing grass wouldn’t be strong enough to sustain a dozen or more chitlins trampling on it in barely over a month’s time.  So we called in some favors, busted our butts, and laid sod in our backyard mid-May.  I mean, like skidloader, till, trailer full of sod…  at a rental.  I know, we’re a little cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

With the lawn situation taken care of, I got to work on party prep.  We decided on a monster birthday party, Doodle just adores monsters.  So in a very short amount of time and with me still working 20-30 hours a week, I made an awesome party on a tight budget:


Some of the monster foods and slime, which was an absolute hit!


I made all of these little felt monster buddies for the kiddos. They took FOREVER, by the way!


Monster plastic-ware holders.


Monster pizzas. I know, I'm crazy.


Happy Monster Birthday Cake!


The chitlins just loved picking out their adopted monsters. And there's Jake holding one of the fourteen party bags I made.


The pants I knitted for Doodle. Yes, specifically for his party. 🙂 They do still fit him, though, and he does still wear them semi-regularly.


Giant monster cutouts for a beanbag toss and darling photo booth.


See how fun? And yes, she's absolutely darling, I know! 🙂


We even had a slip&slide, trampoline, and spinny-waterpark-fun-pool thing. Notice my GORGEOUS lawn?!

So my point here is not to gloat about how awesome of a party I created or anything.  And don’t get me wrong, at the time we had a roommate and she absolutely rocked helping me with so much.  But seriously…  how am I supposed to up the ante with his party this year??  I’m starting to get concerned that we don’t even have a theme yet, and it’s only January!

But with my outrageous history of procrastination, Jake’s new schedule, not having a roommate anymore, and Doodle’s growing need to each day drive me more insane than the day before…  I just, I dunno.

I’m thinking maybe dragons or dinosaurs.  He was a dragon for Halloween though – I’m not sure if that’s ok or not.  I mean, I guess it’s just a testament to how much he still likes dragons, right?  And dragons are way cuter than dinosaurs anyway.  But he likes robots, too.  And legos, and pirates… and farm animals… and tractors… and musical instruments… and bugs…  Ok, he likes everything!  That just makes it harder…

Luckily we’re not fans of cartoon character specific anything, so that narrows down a ton of those options…  But still.

I don’t know.  I guess I just don’t want him to look back at birthday party pictures, see the awesome extravaganza that I made for his second,  and then look at his third and say to me, “Wow, mom, why’d you completely bomb my third birthday party?”

I know how crazy that sounds.  And it was the same concern I had for Christmas this year as we were (and still are) in a much more financially precarious position than last year.  But it’s where my brain goes every time that I feel like I’m not offering him a better today than yesterday.  I can’t make it stop.

I don’t know.  Maybe there’s a reason there are so many jokes about housewives and valium…  maybe a doc would look at these symptoms and wonder how I’ve survived thus far without some level of sedation.  Maybe I should look into that medicinal marijuana bit – I am in Colorado, pot is technically legal now…  Ok, maybe that was just pushing it.  🙂

I’m just stressing.  The sleep factor probably has something to do with it.  My crazy probably has a lot to do with it.  I’m sure it’s not even the birthday at all actually.  I don’t know.  I should probably follow my friend’s advice and try that whole stretchy-meditaty-yoga bit.  Align my chakras and shit.  That might fix me.  Doubt it, but its worth a shot,  🙂


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  1. I relate. Seriously. I’d probably already be planning Stella’s 3rd birthday if it weren’t for this whole new baby thing.
    And dear god you have SKILLS!! I’m jealous of your mom skills.

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