Young Love


So Doodle has a very best friend in the entire world. They’ve known each other practically since birth. They hang out at least once a week… And they’re in love.  At least, that’s what I’m going for. She is DARLING, he’s freaking adorable, and they’re both completely smitten with each other.


So little Ling had a sleepover here last night – their first sleepover together. Her mama (Hippie Mama) and I decided to do a few switcheroos for some overnight visits. Give each set of parents a night off every once in a while, you know? 🙂


Dancing together at a festival last summer.

Night before last, as Hippie Mama was getting Ling ready for night-night, she reminded her of coming to play with Doodle for their sleepover, an attempt at getting her to go the eff to sleep just to get her amped for going to bed to allow the next day’s festivities to begin.  Until the moment her little body finally gave in to sleep, and then again from her first waking breath, apparently all she would talk about was coming to play with her Doodle.  Ah, love and excitement!


She plays hard to get sometimes, but she always lets him catch her!

It was just the sweetest – Jake and I were absolutely exhausted by about 7 o’clock last night,  so we decided we’d just set them up for a half hour cartoon before a quick clean-up followed by some teeth brushing and pottying to get them in bed by 8.  They were apparently just as tired.  Ling would yawn and Doodle would pat her knee and say in a soft and sweet voice, “Hey, you sleeping?”  She’d say, “No, I’m not.” He’d say, “Ok.”  Then a few minutes later he’d yawn, she’d pat his knee, and the conversation would reverse.  Same soft sweet voices each time.


Being total goofs with each other! 🙂

There was even a point during the cartoon where Doodle and Ling were sitting about an inch apart.  Doodle casually glanced over to guage the distance between them, set his eyes back on the show, and slyly scooted that inch over to sit closer to her.  If that wasn’t cute enough, he glanced away from the show once more to look at her hand positioned on her lap, looked back at the tv, then slowly placed his hand on hers.  🙂  It was like watching a nervous teenage boy on his first date!


Eating their ice cream cone blocks on the stairs together.

When everything was done and we were getting them settled into bed, Jake took Doodle and I took Ling.  Doodle hasn’t yet perfected the whole sleepover in the same room bit – I’m not sure if they’d ever sleep if they shared a room right now, so I took Ling into the spare room and got her all situated for night-night.  As I’m tucking her in, I ask her what she wants to dream about.  “I dream about my Doodle.”  🙂


Sweet good morning hugs.

Morning comes, and Ling is an absolute rockstar about waiting til Doodle wakes up to get out of bed – which totally rocks as Hippie Mama told me I might be up at dawn based on some of her more recent mornings.  The second she hears him and I get up to wrangle them, she screams, “Doodle!  The sun is here!  We go play now!”  🙂

So they’re playing and having a grand time, and Ling decides she wants to play in Doodle’s expand/collapse ball.


Doodle starts dancing around her.


He goes to give her a nuzzle, but quickly realizes that they're just not close enough with him still out of the ball.


So he starts to climb in...


And he's in. Closer, finally!


They proceed to hug when they notice I'm taking pictures.


Then, being the little hams that they are, they realize that Ling wasn't looking at the camera during their last embrace.


And as I’m writing this and putting these pictures on here, Doodle is scrolling up and down (darn touchscreen!) pointing at various shots telling me about how much fun they had and saying, “I love Ling so much!”

There it is, you guys.  If there’s anyone I’d share him with, it’s this little girl right here!


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    • Aren’t they just the sweetest?! 🙂 I’m excited to see if as they grow up their love turns into a marital-type love, or like a platonic brother-sister love. Either way, I see them being inseparable their whole lives.

      It’s cute, too. See how much bigger she is? He’s actually like a month and a half older than her. So cute! She thinks he’s a baby because he’s so little. 🙂

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