Took Doodle to the park to play with Ling today.  They had an absolute blast.  Swinging, sliding, running around, exploring the “rain forest”, finding deer poop, climbing on the stage, and sitting on tree stumps.  All of that wonderful fun, however, was completely forgotten the minute they found some mud puddles by a fire hydrant.


They both just had an absolute blast!


Mid-jump, yet still attached to the mud. Fun timing on this shot.


They thought they were making the puddles with this hose still attached to the hydrant. 🙂


Doesn't he look like such a rockstar!


I love his Lego Batman underoos peeking out. I swear his shorts stayed up before they were weighted down by all of the mud!


I think I want to get this one on canvas or something. His smile peeking through his hair, the movement, I just love it!


I love how she's not afraid to get dirty!


About to jump together.


Also fun to get your hands in there and squish all the gloppy stuff!


Stray mud all over his face.


Such a sweet guy, helping his girl wash her hands!

Now that’s some good clean fun there!

By the way, it’s really hard to get pictures of mud splashes timed perfectly!  I can’t tell you how many pictures I had to sift through where it looked like they were simply standing still in the puddles when I swear they had just jumped!


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    • Oh, I paid for it! This was right around naptime, and though the day was beautiful, the wind was chilly. When we were finished, he was wet, dirty, and cold, and we were a good half mile from the car. The mud I can deal with, that crankiness was almost unbearable! 🙂

    • Oh they would have so much fun! I agree completely, and you guys might even get lucky and get to introduce Stella to *real* snow! Ooh, muddy snow, that’s a fun one too… 🙂

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