Daddy’s Boy


Doodle, this morning – “Is Daddy sleeping?”
Me – “No, where do you think Daddy is?
Doodle – “Oh!  Daddy at work.”
Me – “Yep, Daddy works so hard for us, doesn’t he?”
Doodle – “And I miss him so much.”

And then my heart broke into a million little pieces.  :/

So I decided to show him some pictures of him and Daddy making a giant living room fort a few days ago.  I think it helped – him and me.  🙂


Still building their fort. Doodle followed Jakes directions very well.


Chillin' in the fort, just like Daddy.


Doodle was captured by the monster in the fort!


Then Doodle saved Daddy from the fort monster.

Luckily, this is just a work morning for Jake – no school this afternoon and no pending schoolwork.  I’m sure they’ll really enjoy playing today when he gets home.  🙂


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