So Yesterday Totally Sucked…


Really, Sunday wasn’t much fun either.  It was my birthday, Jake had to work a double, and Jude had been up all night the night prior with a cough and a low fever.  He was miserable, and Jake had to sleep well enough to get up early and work 14 hours, so it was all on me to take care of Doodle.  All day Sunday was taking care of feverish, coughy, stuffy, AND sleepy Doodle who just couldn’t get comfortable.  On my birthday.  Without help from my hubby.  All day.

Night before last, Doodle again didn’t sleep well, Jake had to do the school all morning and work all evening thing, so Doodle was primarily mine again.  Then all morning while Jake was at school I noticed Doodle’s fever starting to go up some.  It had been a pretty steady high 101-ish through the weekend, but we were approaching 102.4’s and stuff.  I got on the phone with the doctor’s office, tried to figure out some of his insurance information, got to a stuck point, and called up the insurance company.

After dealing with ironing out issues with an insurance company (a low-income one at that, customer service probably way worse than Kaiser Permanente or something) while trying to keep my sick Doodle comfortable, Jake finally gets home from school and I get ready to call the doc’s office again.  They had told me there was lots of time to see him later in the afternoon if need be, so I check his temp before I call.

104.  It’s only been 6 hours since he had ibuprofen.

I call, they tell us that even if they could see him immediately, they’re probably just going to tell us to take him in to the emergency room.  So we get bags packed, Jake calls work, and we head to the hospital.  By the time we were actually seen, his temp had gone up to 104.8.

"I feel better"

“I feel better”  Of course you do, Doodle.  The nurse gave you a popsicle!  🙂  Everyone feels better with a popsicle.

Five hours later, we emerge with an “ear infection”.  The docs don’t think it’s actually an ear infection, says his ears look good.  Just, the dozen or so X-rays they took of him ruled out pneumonia, the tests ruled out the flu, strep, and RSV…  Everything they thought it might be, there was confirmation that it was not.  They figured the antibiotics would hopefully help whatever the actual problem is, and all we have to do now is watch him like a hawk for the next however-long to make sure his symptoms don’t worsen.  (And I haven’t even begun to get into the douche-bag moron dipshit idiot that the doc himself was, I may or may not touch on that at some point)

So, Jake still had to head into work for the last four hours of his night, we got some rides figured out to keep me with a car for the just-in-case-Doodle-needs-to-go-back-to-the-hospital possibility.  Then again for Jake’s school this morning and now his work this evening we got car stuff figured out.

Doodle still feels like junk.  He’s a happy sick boy, but still a sick boy.  Coughing a lot, stuffy, outlandishly cranky the second something doesn’t go his way.  His temp is going from like 97.5 in the middle of the night all the way back up to 104.3 as his ibuprofen wears off.  But it goes back down with meds, he’s eating decently, and he’s staying plenty hydrated, so we don’t need to haul him back quite yet.  Thank goodness he loves medicine, super easy to give him all of his ibuprofen, antibiotics, zarbees, and occasional Tylenol for in-between-spikes.

But seriously, this is a really high fever with nothing specifically wrong with my little man.  We’re now approaching 24 hours of antibiotics, hopefully we start seeing progress soon.  If we don’t, I have no flippin’ idea.

(By the way – we FINALLY got a computer!  It’s AMAZING using an actual keyboard.  My fingers almost forgot how to type with the speed and accuracy I learned in high school typing classes.  Super stoked about that!  Just wanted to share.  But now you’ll have to be patient as I try to learn the actual internet format of this blog stuff.  It’ll be kind of funny if I still think it’s easier on my tablet.)


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  1. I am so, so sorry!! I think my head would explode if I saw my kid’s temp go that high, particularly if the quacks/shamans in charge couldn’t find a reason for it.
    And for what it’s worth, happy belated birthday. May your next one be a helluva lot less sucky.

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