The Poop Face


When Doodle was little (and I mean littler than he is currently, of course) we unintentionally started something that I *adore* having started.  If we saw his little face making a grimace, a strain, a grunt, a, well, a poop face, we’d just naturally shoot a poop face right back at him.  No real intentions of it, just kinda happened.  So no matter if he was doing  (hehe, doo-ing) everything naturally, if things were having a hard time moving through him, or if he had some really sick days, either way, if he started to make his faces and we noticed, we’d be right there rooting him on.

When he was 18 months, we got him a little potty and started just letting him run around “naked boy” style.  He had full access to the potty whenever he wanted and we reminded him every ten-fifteen minutes or so, more often if he didn’t use the potty the last time.  He loved it, took to it super easily.

Now – it took us a long time to venture into the diaperless outings, but we did get there after a few months.  I’m not even concerned about a two-hour drive to Denver, even if he doesn’t want to stop and go along the way.  He knows “Hold it!” and “We do not pee in the car seat,” very well.  We’ve still not been at all successful with overnight or naptime, mainly because we still don’t have a mattress cover and we only have two fitted sheets and I’m just not doing laundry that often! But that’s really not what my point is anyway…

My point, the poop face, is that while we were regularly (and still are occasionally) cleaning up Doodle’s piddle puddles, we never, and I truly mean never, had to clean up stray number 2’s.  On top of that, I’ve only had to clean a small number (I mean, maybe two?) of underoos that had been subjected to his, err, runs.

With him being such a little boy when we started, boy specifically, a lot of people wonder how in the world we got him to poo in the potty so early so easily.  That’s our trick, our secret – we could probably make millions off of it but I’m giving it to you for free because I love you.  It’s the poop face.

The Poop Face

The Poop Face

You know how with little babes, if they get gassy or uncomfortable in their tummy, you do the bicycle legs thing with them – we’d just do the poop face too, right there along with those bicycle legs.  Like it’s a specially designed bicycle he can poop in while riding or something.  When he was playing in his pack and play or lounging on his Boppy or doin’ whatever, and we’d hear that grunt – you know the grunt I’m talking about.  The grunt you hear and hope you can pretend that your spouse heard it first.  The grunt you hear and you start calculating how many wipes this is going to take.  The grunt you hear that you know is about to be followed by noises that should be contained by bathroom doors and probably even muffled by those bathroom fan thingies.  We’d just grab a clothespin, snap that sucker over our nose all cartoon-style, and give that babe our best poop face.  Heck – even when he was a little crawler and started following us into the bathroom, we’d just over exaggerate our own faces while doing our own things.

So he has grown up with the understanding that his poop face directly correlates to the push involved with going to the bathroom.  It’s awesome.  If he’s ever a little stopped up, if he ever doesn’t want to go, if there’s ever an issue with his doos, we just sit there in the bathroom with him and give him the poop face and he figures it out.

Now – if only we had thought to make a sit down and be quiet face, an eat your freaking dinner face, a focus face, a clean up your toys faster face, or a stop shoving your foot into mommy’s side face.

My favorite poop moment of Doodle’s?  Yes, I have a favorite:

**fart**  “Mama, I farted!”
“Oh yeah, Doodle?”
**fart** “Wittle fart.”
“Was it a little fart?”
**fart** “Big fart!”
“Was is a big -”
**fart** “Ooh – poop!!” **run to potty**


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    • 🙂 My nephew has always been like that, too.
      I have no idea if it was totally coincidental and we just uber lucked out in the pottying department, but I’m just rolling with it. It’s like it’s his poop button or something – totally a convenient thing to have.

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