Doodle has been calling me “Mommy (everything under the sun)” lately.  I’ve been Mommy Captain Hook, Mommy window, Mommy Slyfox, Mommy yogurt.  And when he calls me “Mommy something”, I have to respond “Doodle something”.  I love you Mommy apple juice, I love you too, Doodle apple juice.  Night-night Mommy monster, night-night Doodle monster.

So, we go up just a bit ago to wake up Jake from his nap.  Jake is trying like the dickens to stay in that bed no matter what, so he convinces Doodle to start rubbing his back so Daddy can go back to sleep.  I insist that he tickle Daddy’s back instead, so that Daddy has to get up.  We go back and forth telling Doodle what to do, he’s enjoying every minute of us goofing off.  Doodle is tickling Daddy’s back, and he says “Now I tickle his front!”  I’ve been really admiring the various new ways he’s been learning his language, so I really love how he said “front” (as in the opposite of back) rather than “chest” (as in the other side of his torso).  I say to Jake as he’s laying there, now getting tickled on his front, “I just love his little nuances!”

Doodle responds, clear as crystal, “I love you too, Mommy nuances!”


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