Excuses, Excuses


Sure – I’ve been absent for a few. I wish I could tell y’all that I’ve been super busy on these awesome projects.

Excuse #1: So you guys remember my 20 days of cleaning?  And remember how quite a while ago I told you about my good intentions not always leading to results…  Yeah, I cleaned REALLY GOOD that first day, then it was the weekend – whoever thought to give a procrastinator like me two days off???  Then Monday and Tuesday I forgot, I finally did Monday’s thing on Wednesday, and after that I just completely gave up. That’s just how I roll.

Excuse #2: So then I’ve been trying to knit. I’ve had a project for one of the amazing midwife apprentices who assisted in my homebirth/hospital birth on the back-burner since August – maybe September? But I was in the process of making my Doodle’s Halloween costume at that point. She totally understood – no worries if it took a little while. Then I was working on Christmas tutus and marshmallow guns – no big deal, she had tons of Christmas-y projects to work on as well. But when Christmas didn’t happen ’til Mid-March, I stopped making tutus and marshmallow shooters, but still didn’t make her project because I forgot. (If you’re curious why I’m not actually saying the specific project, it’s because it’s a knitted uterus, and I just didn’t want to explain why someone might need one. If you’d like, go Google “midwife knitted uterus” and look it up your-own-damn-self. Otherwise, stop making me explain myself !) 🙂

The reason I now remember that I was supposed to knit this thing is because I have been knitting things for myself. I knitted a beautiful headband.


I also made an ADORABLE hat!


And I even managed to learn how to crochet just enough to start on some adorable letters for Doodle. I got the J and the H done. Go me – 1/13 of the way there. I have no idea why I did the H, though. Seems silly, I should’ve gone for the U, or just started at A like a normal person. But the H and J are done, and that’s what really counts here. 🙂

So I posted my lovely creations – not the letters, they’re not done yet – on my facebook to show everyone how awesome and crafty I am. I mean, if they’re my friend on facebook, they are probably already aware of how awesome and crafty I am, but I still have to remind them every once in a while. Wouldn’t you know it, my lovely midwife apprentice friend has to go on there and “like” both of them – and then even ask me if I can make her a few of those headbands – as though to tell me “I know you’ve been knitting, where’s my flippin’ uterus?!” (Please note how much I’m completely kidding here. I love her to pieces and would knit anything in the world for her until my fingers fell off.)

Excuse #3: Then, I think, oh, it’s end of March, Spring has started, should be a good time to start on some plants, right? I’ve always had a very brown thumb. Like, dead, wilty, maybe even a little slimy from over-watering after it’s long gone, thumb. So last year when I decided to beat this issue and grow some damn plants, nothing that I started from seed (other than my wonderful herbs) actually sprouted, so I just skipped that part and bought a bunch of baby plants that should’ve been easy, right. Well, my cherry tomatoes worked great, and Doodle ADORED them – and I did get two giant banana peppers.


But other than that, I said good-bye to two other tomato plants, two pumpkin plants, a cantaloupe plant, more peppers, I think some carrots, and maybe peas or something? So I think to myself, next year, next year I will redeem myself!

So yesterday, we’re at the store, Doodle’s had nothing to eat for dinner other than ice cream, and to get him to settle THE EFF DOWN I tell him that if he’s super good, we’ll get to dig tomorrow. (You heard me right, I am not even a little bit beyond bribes!) Doodle LOVES tractors, dirt, getting dirty, gross fingernails, you name it. Digging is an awesome bribe, and it actually kept him totally distracted while I found some seeds and other beginner gardening paraphernalia. Then, as I put him down for bed the moment we got home (he passed out in the car, didn’t take a nap earlier that day and had only ice cream for dinner) I gently remind him that we can dig when he wakes up as Daddy will be at work and we’ll play all morning in the dirt and planting the seeds.

Mind you, I was aware of a pending Winter (Spring) storm coming in, but I was naïve and figured that, as we live in a canyon, we actually might have a nice day like the week or so of nice days we’ve recently had. Well, we woke up to about an inch and a half of snow, it’s been snowing the whole morning (although there really hasn’t been any more accumulation – weird, I know) and the wind is blowing all of the snow off the rooftops and such making this horribly frigid white outside world today.  I’m not entirely against sacrificing the integrity of my kitchen floor to do the digging and planting – but, due to my brown thumb, I kind of want to make sure that I have some good sunshine to throw my little seeds under THE VERY SECOND they get all planted and watered, just to give them that extra umph and let them know that I really like them and would love for them to actually grow this year.  🙂

So instead of cleaning, or knitting a uterus or extra headbands, crocheting more letters, or starting my seeds…  this is what Doodle and I have been doing all morning.  🙂


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  1. It’s smacked me upside my head that by spawning again, I’ve totally restarted my “I’ll get to do/learn craft XYZ” clock. Knit something in my name, eh?

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