I Think He’s Got a Future!


Doodle has always loved playing with the camera on our tablet. Since the very beginning days that we got it and started playing with all of the fun functions, he’s loved making videos and taking shots of himself. He’s never really played with my real camera though. That is, until my family’s mid-March-Christmas-get-together-thing when his Mimi (my mama) let him play with her point and shoot. He learned how truly simple it is to just aim the camera at something, look in the little screen to make sure you’re taking the exact shot you want, then click that little button there at the top. Now he’s grabbing the camera anytime he sees it sitting around or whenever he notices I’ve put it down after a little photo session. Seems like he wants to take pictures of everything and everyone – just like mama! 🙂

And he’s not half-bad. I mean, he’s not exactly half-good, either. But I’m his mommy, and I see the artistic expression he’s going for in each of his pieces. Or something like that. So here’s a taste of his amazing photography skills along with what I believe is what he meant to name his photos.  Prints are available should you fancy any, prices may vary.

Self Portrait or Checking for Boogers

Checking for Boogers

The World Closing In

The Living Room Through Fingers

Mommy Laughing

Mommy Laughing

The Door and the Giant's Shadow

The Door and the Giant’s Shadow


Spider-Man Balloon

Skyping with Erin

Skyping with Erin

Where I Like to Keep My Things

Where I Like to Keep My Things

My Protector

My Protector

Mommy Should Vacuum

Mommy Should Vacuum

Daddy on the Tablet

Daddy on the Tablet

Wittle Wine-gines.

Little Einsteins and a Foot

Computers and Coffee

Telephone, Laptop and Coffee

Daddy and Mommy

Parental Units


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  1. Stella likes all of these coloring and puzzle apps which allow her to take a “pic” and save it to our photo album/ photo stream. She spams it. If I don’t clear it every few days we run out of space.

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