A typical conversation between Jake and Doodle

“Doodle, eat your cereal.”

“Eat my Cimmanon Crunch?”

“No, Doodle.  Remember, we worked on this yesterday?  Say ‘Cinna’”




“Now say ‘cinnamon’”


“No, say cinnamon”




“That’s ok, I’m pretty sure those are synonymous.”

“No, you’re nonymous!”


4 responses »

    • It’s absolutely crazy the things he comes up with sometimes! 🙂 I love it when he’s in an argumentative mood and we say to him, “Doodle, you’re my favorite.” He responds, “No, I’m pretty sure you’re MY favorite!”

    • Even when it’s not awesome, it’s likely to be pretty darn hilarious! Doodle was effing with the dog food, Jake told him a few times to leave it alone, he came out of the kitchen with his hands full of dog food saying “What? I’m not hurting anyone!” 🙂

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