Another wonderful Ash post. This time, she’s driving me nuts. See, she’s got some crazy OCD issues that drive us crazy, and now she’s gone and OCD’d her way into costing us money. Ugh, dogs.

Ash started chewing on her feet a few days ago. It was kind of annoying, but a quick “Ash! Knock it off!” was pretty sufficient. Until she started leaving a little blood trail on the carpet (that we, less than a week ago, just shampooed). We inspected the main foot in question last night to see what the issue was, and more than half of the pad was completely gone, with other pieces pulled off almost entirely. **Eye roll**

So off to WalMart at midnight I was. (I love getting in Yoda-speak every once in a while.) With totally great intentions, I set off for some gauze, bitter bandage stuff, and Neosporin. I also needed to get some carpet cleaner stuff to fix those annoying red spots all over the house. I get home, start opening up everything to get going on wrapping her foot, and I realize that although I thought I was doing the right thing buying the larger size of animal bandages (she has a history of chewing and eating anything and everything, so we knew one round of bandaging would NOT cut it) it was actually just over-glorified regular old bandage stuff with no bitter coating. Great, this is going to last a little less than an hour. And, crap! I totally forgot the carpet stuff – I probably got a little sidetracked when I was looking at yarn….

So Jake and I get her all cleaned up, Neosporined, and bandaged and head to bed. We woke up to more little blood trails (I should REALLY go back and get the carpet stuff…) and little pieces of blue (NOT BITTER) bandage all over the house. Where’s the gauze, you ask? We’ll probably find it in the rocks where she relieves herself in about two days… I check on her foot, and there’s even more blood, even less pad, and she just won’t leave it alone! I needed to call in an expert.

We were able to get her in to the vet this afternoon. She apparently burned her foot on the hot rocks or concrete (it’s been, like, 102-103 degrees here lately, which totally sucks because it’s just going to get hotter), so they put some medicine stuffs on her and re-bandaged her up.  They said our bandage job was perfect, and we did everything we needed to for her. We figured we’d also take care of some other stuff while we were there anyway – shots, heartworm stuff, basic check-up type stuff. They tell me to leave the bandage on her foot, that we need to come back in a week to make sure it’s healing alright and there’s no other issues. I laugh in their face, telling them there’s no way in the world that thing is staying on her foot for a week, we’d be lucky if it stayed on her through the car ride home.

They offer to spray the bandage with bitter apple stuff, I laugh again – even though that was what I initially set out for last night, I knew it still wouldn’t be a permanent fix. We’ve used it before for just this issue, and we later found the entire gauze/bandage all twisted and “digested” outside amidst her other landmines. (This dog has seriously EATEN an entire can of oysters before – CAN and all.) So we have to settle on an Elizabethan collar.

And now my has a giant cone around her head, and she cannot go through the door, eat her food, lay down on her bed, or even walk on the grass outside without catching it at least a dozen times on something. It’s quite endearing. I can’t wait for the neighbor dogs to see her and poke fun at her. You might think me a bad dog-mama for saying that, but after the midnight trip to WalMart, the blood stains on the carpet that still need to be cleaned, and the $200+ dollars I just forked over for her, I’m ok with being thought of as a bad dog-mama. At least she seems totally happy. 🙂




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