Three is a Magic Number


Doodle and I were driving Ash home from the vet (yes, again – because she’s a bigdumbdog who ate her entire bandage while still wearing her cone of shame) and we were singing “Three is a Magic Number” (Blind Melon’s version, of course) to pass the time.  We stopped singing so I could focus on the traffic for a bit, then out of no where Doodle chimes in, “3, 6, 9.  12, 15, 18.  21, 24, 27.  30.”  I, amazed that he said all of those numbers perfectly in order AND in time with the song, say to him, “Good job, Doodle!  You’re so smart!”  He responds, “I am?  Of course I am!”  I’m not sure whether I’ve created a genius or an egomaniac.  Either way, I think I’ll keep him.  🙂

On a completely related note – we were at the grocery store yesterday and Doodle was flirting with the cashier, as per his usual.  After they introduced each other, she asked him how old he was.  He responded, very matter-of-fact-ly, “3.  And that’s a magic number.”  Yeah, we know how to raise him right.


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