The First Steps


I just love how you thought I was totally about to chop off my hair. 🙂

You’ve all probably learned a thing or two about me since I started this blog, like the fact that I’m 102 pounds and shrinking, that I lock my son in his room, or that I’m fond of male anatomy. What you haven’t learned, probably because other than a break-up note that I recently wrote to my hair, I haven’t actually talked about my hair (weird, I know – totally a normal conversation topic), is that I’m totally and completely in love with my hair. Ok, so that sounds a little excessive… What I mean is – I really like my hair. I like how long it is, and I like that it’s full of spunk… I just can’t actually do anything with it with intentions of trying to look decent without spending hours on it every day. Hours which I just plain do not have.

So instead, I’ve enlisted the help of several friends of mine to spend hours on my hair for me the past few days (and the next few as well, because if you didn’t realize before, I have A LOT OF EFFING HAIR!) so that soon, very soon, I will have the hair I’ve always wanted, the hair that I haven’t yet made a reality because of various life circumstances, the hair that will look almost exactly how I want it to every single day without me doing a single thing to it. That hair, my dear friends, is dreadlocks.

So, with a happy heart, I give you – my mess for the next 6 months to year of my life:

Day 3

Day 3

I currently have 27 and a half baby dreads and 11 braided sections awaiting their turn with the comb. I’m the floofiest mess I’ve probably ever been in my life, there’s no symmetry whatsoever on my head (as there are only 2 sections waiting to be dreaded on one side, whereas there are 9 on the other), and I’ve got loose hair sticking out all over the base of my dreads, throughout the length of them, and at the tips. And I LOVE it!!!

So here’s the deal, lovely bloggy friends. I’m only assuming that you all follow me more or less to laugh at my fumbles, get excited at my wins, and look at adorable pictures of my Doodle. I have every intention of continuing to provide all of that on this here blog, but I do want to document my dread journey for people who are looking to get dreads of their own or who are just curious about the whole process. I will likely be making fun of myself with regularity, but more than that I intend to talk about all of the details that I haven’t really been able to come across when looking for youtube videos, blogs, or forums discussing the beginning of a dreadlock journey.

So, to save your reader from an overload of unwanted dread updates, and also to save curious dread-wanting folks from an overload of unwanted Doodle updates (I know, who wouldn’t want Doodle updates, right?), I’m going to start a new blog specifically for my dreaded journey. I’ll give you all the link for it as soon as I get it up and going, but I will not be sad if you choose not to follow it. 🙂 Lots of love to you all, and I’ll have more wonderful Doodle-related goodness very soon.


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  1. You.look.adorable. And while I am 105% sure that if I ever tried to sport dreads people would look at me the way they did at Britney Spears when she shaved her head and then attacked a car with an umbrella, I think I just might have to follow the dread blog to witness the art of it! Very cool!

    • 🙂 I believe it – it’s my only option. Short hair would give me an afro, long hair is a frizzy mess. Thanks, I’m super stoked to watch them mature.

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