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Happy Blog Birthday to Me!


I don’t really think I’ll do a sentimental or thoughtful or funny or even a little bit good today. Just a little giveaway for my blog-birthday.

I mentioned those coffee cup sweaters before. No, I haven’t actually finished that order, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to. BUT – that does mean that I have an entire stack of coffee cup sweaters that are currently taking up space.

Seriously, a whole flippin' stack!

Seriously, a whole flippin’ stack! And as you can see, I really like the owls.

Now, I do have a few ideas of who I can give most of them to, if I ever actually put faces on the 10 I haven’t finished, but I think I can absolutely spare one. Lucky you, the timing of this super awesome birthday giveaway means that you can either get a free handmade adorable animal coffee cup sweater for yourself, or you can be all giving-like and request one for a friend or family member who might better appreciate it. The choice is yours.

All you have to do is comment down below and let me know what kind of animal you’d like. That’s it. I have made owls, koalas, elephants, monkeys, and I even made a hamster. I have intentions of also making pandas and foxes. I could essentially make any other kind of animal, within reason of course – not too sure how cute or recognizable some animals¬†might be.

So you’ll earn a spot in a randomized drawing for leaving a comment of whatever animal you want. And because it is that time of year, and because I do love you guys so much, if you leave a separate comment for an animal you would want for someone else – tell me who (just relationship to you if you want, name doesn’t really matter) and why – I’ll give you a second entry.

I’ll keep this open for about a week – I won’t accept any entries after Tuesday 11/26 (unless you file for an extension, and you’ll have to have like a doctor’s note or something for that), and I’ll let you guys know sometime Wednesday 11/27. ūüôā


This is Why I’m Tired Today


As I was checking Facebook yesterday, I was reminded of the fact that it was Labor Day weekend by a meme a friend of mine shared:

Photo Credit: Colorado Springs Memes Facebook Page

Photo Credit: Colorado Springs Memes Facebook Page

Doodle LOVES hot air balloons! After I finished BEGGING Jake to sacrifice his last true day off before his 15 credit hour semester starts the same week he’s on-call and already scheduled to work 2 overtime shifts (sorry babe), we went up to Colorado Springs to play at the Penny Arcade (read “Quarter Arcade”) in Manitou to kill some time.

Google "Manitou Springs Arcade" - SO MUCH FUN!

Google “Manitou Springs Arcade” – SO MUCH FUN!

After three hours of walking around, playing arcade games, and spending what felt like hundreds of quarters on 20-second rides, we were on our way to have dinner with some old friends of ours. We were CERTAIN that with the lack of a nap, the hours of driving, the full afternoon in Manitou with rides and games, the dinner with our “pretty lady” friend, and the late bedtime that he would doze off to sleep peacefully. The intention was for us to go to bed early as well so that we could wake up at 5 in the morning to get ready, get breakfast and coffee, drive the half hour across town, and actually find some parking before the balloons went up at 7.

9:00 PM – We return from dinner, get Doodle ready for bed, and lay him down to go night-night. I sing to him, and he stays in bed.

9:05 PM – I go downstairs to play Candy Crush Saga on the tablet while Jake plays Final Fantasy 7 on his cell phone. On a Friday night. We party hard.

9:15 PM – We decide it’s about time to call it, head to bed, and start to doze off to sleep.

9:30 PM – It starts. You see, we brought his owl night light that has a 30 minute auto-off function. He walked across the hall to tell me his owl has turned off. I had literally JUST started to doze off. UGH! I turned it back on, laid back down, and tried to go back to sleep.

9:45 PM – Back across the hall, he needed a sip of water… Do you see where this is going?

I’m not kidding you, at least 15 more times! He’d come in to see us, or he’d stay in the room playing with his cousin’s toys. He’d tiptoe in, as though he didn’t want to wake us, and whisper things to us, or he’d talk to us from the room about what he was playing with. I tried going in there sweetly, I tried being firm and laying down the law. Jake tried singing to him again. I laid in there next to him. We brought him into the bed with us. NOTHING WORKED!

12:00 AM – Midnight. I’m not kidding. At midnight, I FINALLY gave up and tried something that I have NEVER EVER had to do. I got up, grabbed Doodle, threw on some shoes, grabbed my car keys, buckled him in, and drove. After some harsh words about how tired he was going to be in 5 hours, it only took 10 minutes for him to pass out and stay out.

We woke up after no where near enough sleep, and Doodle was feeling it for sure! We happily rubbed it in that he should have listened to mama and daddy when we told him to go to bed.

"It's not light out, mama.  I'm sleepy."

“It’s not light out, mama. I’m sleepy.”

I’m fairly certain this was Doodle’s first true sunrise. I’m sure there have been mornings that he has been awake during the time the sun was actually rising, but we are NOT morning people, and we would normally NEVER demand that he be awake for that specific time of day. He was not hungry for breakfast, he did not want to drink any juice, and he was not happy that he couldn’t go back to sleep when we got in the car. At least he was as exhausted and miserable as we were! ūüėČ

We finally found some parking, then walked around the lake to a good viewing area for the launch. Doodle was finally willing to eat a banana when we stopped. He was about to wake up real good…

We found a spot right at sunrise.

We found a spot right at sunrise to enjoy our breakfast.

Some daddy tickles helped wake Doodle up just in time.

Some daddy tickles helped wake Doodle up just in time.

"What in the WORLD is going on around me?!"

“What in the WORLD is going on around me?!”

They were coming up everywhere around us.

They were coming up everywhere around us.

Doodle watching some balloons take off.

Doodle watching some balloons take off.

We were standing RIGHT next to so many of them.

We were standing RIGHT next to so many of them.

He loved watching them fly right above us.

He loved watching them fly right above us.

He thought they looked like flowers in the sky.  :)

He thought they looked like flowers in the sky. ūüôā

Our second sunrise of the morning.

Our second sunrise of the morning.

Apparently these exist?!

Apparently these exist?!

Here, let me zoom that in for you.  Yeah, EFF THAT!

Here, let me zoom that in for you. Yeah, EFF THAT!

And the 5 hours of sleep started to catch up to him about 40 minutes into the show.

And the 5 hours of sleep started to catch up to him about 40 minutes into the show.

Our view of the balloons over the lake as we were leaving.

Our view of the balloons over the lake as we were leaving.

Dozing off in the car for the hour-long drive back home.

Dozing off in the car for the hour-long drive back home.

Much fun was had, and Daddy and Doodle got to sleep peacefully the whole way home while Mama drove. Then Daddy got to sleep some more so he could get some rest before work. Doodle was no longer tired at that point, go figure. He has now also successfully skipped his naptime, and we’re about 5 minutes away from heading over to the neighbor’s house for a birthday party. Then I’ve got to work (been doing some work at home stuff lately) for a few hours, and hubby won’t be home ’til after Doodle goes to bed. I suppose I did ask for it…

The First Steps


I just love how you thought I was totally about to chop off my hair. ūüôā

You’ve all probably learned a thing or two about me since I started this blog, like the fact that I’m 102 pounds and shrinking, that I lock my son in his room, or that I’m fond of male anatomy. What you haven’t learned, probably because other than a break-up note that I recently wrote to my hair, I haven’t actually talked about my hair (weird, I know – totally a normal conversation topic), is that I’m totally and completely in love with my hair. Ok, so that sounds a little excessive… What I mean is – I really like my hair. I like how long it is, and I like that it’s full of spunk… I just can’t actually do anything with it with intentions of trying to look decent without spending hours on it every day. Hours which I just plain do not have.

So instead, I’ve enlisted the help of several friends of mine to spend hours on my hair for me the past few days (and the next few as well, because if you didn’t realize before, I have A LOT OF EFFING HAIR!) so that soon, very soon, I will have the hair I’ve always wanted, the hair that I haven’t yet made a reality because of various life circumstances, the hair that will look almost exactly how I want it to every single day without me doing a single thing to it. That hair, my dear friends, is dreadlocks.

So, with a happy heart, I give you – my mess for the next 6 months to year of my life:

Day 3

Day 3

I currently have 27 and a half baby dreads and 11 braided sections awaiting their turn with the comb. I’m the floofiest mess I’ve probably ever been in my life, there’s no symmetry whatsoever on my head (as there are only 2 sections waiting to be dreaded on one side, whereas there are 9 on the other), and I’ve got loose hair sticking out all over the base of my dreads, throughout the length of them, and at the tips. And I LOVE it!!!

So here’s the deal, lovely bloggy friends. I’m only assuming that you all follow me more or less to laugh at my fumbles, get excited at my wins, and look at adorable pictures of my Doodle. I have every intention of continuing to provide all of that on this here blog, but I do want to document my dread journey for people who are looking to get dreads of their own or who are just curious about the whole process. I will likely be making fun of myself with regularity, but more than that I intend to talk about all of the details that I haven’t really been able to come across when looking for youtube videos, blogs, or forums discussing the beginning of a dreadlock journey.

So, to save your reader from an overload of unwanted dread updates, and also to save curious dread-wanting folks from an overload of unwanted Doodle updates (I know, who wouldn’t want Doodle updates, right?), I’m going to start a new blog specifically for my dreaded journey. I’ll give you all the link for it as soon as I get it up and going, but I will not be sad if you choose not to follow it. ūüôā Lots of love to you all, and I’ll have more wonderful Doodle-related goodness very soon.

It’s Been a Fun Ride, But You’ve Got to Go!


Hair, it’s been super. I mean, you’ve always been kind of wonderful to me. You’re been super long, which is totally my kind of thing, and you have an awesome floofy-ness about you. I mean, sometimes it’s been the less-than-awesome kind of floofy-ness. Really most of the time it’s been less-than-awesome. Truly, I hate you. Do you remember what you did to me in Chicago?!

Do you SEE how GIANT my EFFING HAIR is?!?!

Do you SEE how GIANT my EFFING HAIR is?!?!


Seriously, hair, this isn’t cool. As much as I *love* how long you’ve always been, I’ve never really been able to show you off to the world. You’re just so wild – I can’t keep you under control anywhere we go! So, my natural state has become with you tied up in an awful conglomeration of “bun” that sticks out in every different direction because, even with a brand new hair tie with all of the elasticity the factory originally put in it, nothing will truly contain you.

Seriously, when have you EVER seen me with my hair not this haphazard mess?

Seriously, when have you EVER seen me with my hair not this haphazard mess?

Ok, sure – some days, years ago, I used to spend an hour and a half or so straightening you. But really, I’m lazy enough already, I barely have time to brush you. So what did I do last year? I spent ONE HUNDRED TWENTY DOLLARS to have the sweetest hair stylist ever chemically straighten you! And what did you do? Completely rebelled to the point where none of the straightening thing worked. So she, being the sweetest hair stylist ever, chemically straightened you AGAIN, free of charge, because maybe she had done something wrong the first time…. NOPE! You’re just a PAIN IN THE ASS!

If only you'd stay this nice and tame.

If only you’d stay this nice and tame.

So I say this to you once and for all, I’m done with you. I’m done hiding you in a rat’s-nest bun. I’m done brushing knots out of you for fifteen minutes straight less than an hour after I JUST BRUSHTED KNOTS OUT OF YOU for fifteen minutes straight – heck, I’ve been done with this one for a while already now, it’s not like brushing you ever worked in the first place! I’m done breaking you into three knotted conglomerations to braid together before I go to bed every night because I don’t have the energy to deal with you anymore.

We just need to end this. We don’t work well together, not like this. It’s never worked. Every single day, either you feel like I’ve put you in a cage, or I feel like you’re wrecking my life. You need the freedom to be as crazy and untamed as you want to be, and I need the freedom to spend my time on things more important than keeping you under control. I think in a few years we’ll look back at this day and laugh at the fact that we ever thought we could get along like this.



Another wonderful Ash post. This time, she’s driving me nuts. See, she’s got some crazy OCD issues that drive us crazy, and now she’s gone and OCD’d her way into costing us money. Ugh, dogs.

Ash started chewing on her feet a few days ago. It was kind of annoying, but a quick “Ash! Knock it off!” was pretty sufficient. Until she started leaving a little blood trail on the carpet (that we, less than a week ago, just shampooed). We inspected the main foot in question last night to see what the issue was, and more than half of the pad was completely gone, with other pieces pulled off almost entirely. **Eye roll**

So off to WalMart at midnight I was. (I love getting in Yoda-speak every once in a while.) With totally great intentions, I set off for some gauze, bitter bandage stuff, and Neosporin. I also needed to get some carpet cleaner stuff to fix those annoying red spots all over the house. I get home, start opening up everything to get going on wrapping her foot, and I realize that although I thought I was doing the right thing buying the larger size of animal bandages (she has a history of chewing and eating anything and everything, so we knew one round of bandaging would NOT cut it) it was actually just over-glorified regular old bandage stuff with no bitter coating. Great, this is going to last a little less than an hour. And, crap! I totally forgot the carpet stuff – I¬†probably got a little sidetracked when I was looking at yarn….

So Jake and I get her all cleaned up, Neosporined, and bandaged and head to bed. We woke up to more little blood trails (I should REALLY go back and get the carpet stuff…) and little pieces of blue (NOT BITTER) bandage all over the house. Where’s the gauze, you ask? We’ll probably find it in the rocks where she relieves herself in about two days… I check on her foot, and there’s even more blood, even less pad, and she just won’t leave it alone! I needed to call in an expert.

We were able to get her in to the vet this afternoon. She apparently burned her foot on the hot rocks or concrete (it’s been, like, 102-103 degrees here lately, which totally sucks because it’s just going to get hotter), so they put some medicine stuffs on her and re-bandaged her up.¬† They said our bandage job was perfect, and we did everything we needed to for her. We figured we’d also take care of some other stuff while we were there anyway – shots, heartworm stuff, basic check-up type stuff. They tell me to leave the bandage on her foot, that we need to come back in a week to make sure it’s healing alright and there’s no other issues. I laugh in their face, telling them there’s no way in the world that thing is staying on her foot for a week, we’d be lucky if it stayed on her through the car ride home.

They offer to spray the bandage with bitter apple stuff, I laugh again – even though that was what I initially set out for last night, I knew it still wouldn’t be a permanent fix. We’ve used it before for just this issue, and we later found the entire gauze/bandage all twisted and “digested” outside amidst her other landmines. (This dog has seriously EATEN an entire can of¬†oysters before – CAN and all.) So we have to settle on an Elizabethan collar.

And now my has a giant cone around her head, and she cannot go through the door, eat her food, lay down on her bed, or even walk on the grass outside without catching it at least a dozen times on something. It’s quite endearing. I can’t wait for the neighbor dogs to see her and poke fun at her. You might think me a bad dog-mama for saying that, but after the midnight trip to WalMart, the blood stains on the carpet that still need to be cleaned, and the $200+ dollars I just forked over for her, I’m ok with being thought of as a bad dog-mama. At least she seems totally happy. ūüôā



Force For Fun: Episode 1 – Wookie Mistake


Dork friends!!! I know a few of you are already followers of DorkDaddy because he’s totally awesome, but if you haven’t checked him out, you really need to! Help me help him and try to win yourself some great Star Wars Stuff while you’re at it – this week it’s a Darth Vader USB drive. Click here, watch the video, and enter the raffle. His family can win “The Ultimate Star Wars Weekend Getaway” if his site generates enough traffic, and I love them and they totally deserve to geek-out on such a wonderful prize. Share this post with other Star Wars loving friends, too, so they can try to win. Thank you so much, and look for a new post from me next week for another giveaway!!! ūüôā


‚ÄúWith your wisdom, I‚Äôm sure that we can work out an arrangement which will be mutually beneficial and enable us to avoid any unpleasant confrontations.‚ÄĚ

-Luke Skywalker, Star Wars Episode VI ‚Äď Return of the Jedi

At long last. I’ve been hinting at it for weeks. But today is the day I finally get to officially launch:

free star wars stuff

At this point imagine if you will John Williams’s legendary score bursting on your ears, the familiar music bringing to the surface feelings and memories that have become an essential part of our cultural identity. The fanfare peaks. The emotions swell from within you. You’re just starting to get into it when all of a sudden…


…the needle scratches off the record.

‚ÄúBut wait a minute,‚ÄĚ said my friend Shannon. ‚ÄúWhat if I don‚Äôt want any free Star Wars stuff? I come to your blog to read about your cute kids and your‚Ķ

View original post 552 more words

Spam (No, Not the Mystery Meat) and Crackers


I was just doing a little maintenance on my bloggy admin thing, and I went over to clear out my spam comments.¬† My goodness, some of these are hilarious!¬† I thought I’d share them with you, because I love you.

Mind you Рthese were all on my Tattoos post, which makes me giggle on a few parts:

1 – I posted that almost a month ago.

2 – These are all from just a few days ago.

3 – None of these are even remotely related to tattoos, neither temporary nor permanent, to where the comments would even possibly be posted to get the desired spam effect.

4 – Where do these things come from??¬† I swear, I’ll never understand where spam stuff comes from.¬† Do real humans type these things in some crazy matrix code that just spits them¬†out randomly over the internet?¬† Or are just random sets of words combined electronically by spam machines and inserted into random forums that have certain strings of words?¬† Or is it just bored people trying in the silliest¬†manner possible to lead people to random links that will destroy their hard drives?¬† I just don’t get it!

Either way – back to my comments.¬† ūüôā¬† Again, Tattoos was posted on March 13…

  • On 4/3, e cigarette reviews stopped by to say hi – “microsoft windows vista ultimate 32 bit might be something you want to look into. I know your site is about microsoft windows vista ultimate 32 bit but seriously.¬† I have seen sites like yours branch out into other areas and its been to their benefit.”
    Mr. e cig, first of all, I have no idea what you’re talking about.¬† Second of all, my site isn’t even a little bit about Microsoft anything.¬† Third of all, I don’t want to branch out – I very much prefer my Doodle and random mishaps or rants being what my blog is about.¬† But seriously, if you don’t like it, don’t swing by anymore.¬† And¬†you can keep your Windows Vista Ultimate 32 Bit,¬†I have Windows 8, punk.¬† You’d probably¬†know that if you read any of my other¬†recent posts and saw that I just got a new computer.¬† Bye, Mr. e cig.
  • Later¬†on 4/3, ringing ears left me a note – “Amazing. That was a good read. I will twitter this¬†blog for later. I like your style.”
    Mr. ringing, thank you for the kind words, but if I may interject…¬† I do believe the verb¬†of¬†using Twitter is called Tweet or Tweeting.¬† Seriously, though, thank you for stopping by, and do twitter my blog for later.¬† Have a great day, ears.
  • And once more on¬†4/3, seo australia came over – “It‚Äôs very trouble-free to find out any topic on web as compared to books, as I found this article at this site.”
    Oh dear, Mr. seo, have you just learned of the wonders of the internet?¬† Books typically only have one topic, and¬†there’s only so much a book could cover about any given topic.¬† Conversely, the internet is practically endless, so you’re sure to be able to find a whole ton of random info on just about anything you want.¬† Now, seo, do be careful while searching around for new articles and topics as not everything that is posted on the web is true.¬† Good luck, and happy surfing!
  • I guess he felt bad for being such a jerk, because on 4/4 e cigarette reviews came back.¬† …with a totally different website, e-mail, and ip address?¬† Hmm, was this a different person with the exact same name?¬† Weird.¬† Either way, he responded – “Ok, enough said. This was probably the best article I have read on Tattoos¬†at Stay at Home Trauma today and I often do research daily on the subject of best e cigarette brands review.¬† Thanks for sharing with the world. Cheers!”
    Wow, e, I’m fairly certain you are the same person, because you just stuck your foot in your mouth again.¬† Very flattering telling me this is the best article you’ve read all day – not very flattering, however, to narrow down the “best of” subject matter to specifically Tattoo articles on my blog, and especially not when you’re comparing this to e cigarette brand reviews.¬† You’re welcome for sharing with the world, but, uh, I think maybe you missed the point?¬† Seriously, e, don’t come back.¬† Cheers.
  • Then the spam traffic kind of slowed down for a few days, and on 4/7 cukiernia katowice was over – “I love your wordpress design, where would you down load it from?”
    Dearest Cukie (would that be like cookie or kooky?), thank you for the kind words, but I wouldn’t download it from anywhere.¬† If you want the same awesome wordpress design that I have, just go over to the free themes and find it.¬† Super quick and easy.¬† Good luck!

And just so you guys don’t get mad at me, here’s¬†a cracker stackin’¬†Doodle¬†for ya!

Where’s the Moon, Mommy?


The moon was late tonight.

Since he learned about the moon, Doodle has always wanted to see it if we were ever outside while it was dark.¬†¬†Those beginning¬†glances would open wide his sleepy eyes as we¬†walked¬†in from the car.¬† His little voice would beam,¬†“The moon!” and his blanket would fall as his tiny arm stretched out¬†as far as it could.¬† He’s never gotten over that.

There have been plenty of nights when we haven’t been out, though, as well as¬†nights when the sky was overcast, the moon was new, and even a few¬†complete no-shows.¬† Moonless nights have not been entirely uncommon.¬† There have also been¬†a couple¬†of midday sightings.¬† That tricky moon!

But tonight, it was different.

We left Hippie Mama and Ling’s house late and, as we walked to the car, Doodle searched for the moon.

“Where’s the moon, Mommy?”

“I don’t know, Doodle.¬† Maybe it’s hiding.¬† We’ll look for it as we drive to pick up Daddy.”

We looked and we looked, but there was no moon.  Doodle seemed content to marvel at the stars.  The view out there is amazing.

A few minutes down the road, when he was sure he had looked at every possible angle from his carseat in the back, Doodle asked again, more concerned this time.

“Where’s the moon, Mommy?”

“I don’t know, Doodle.”

“I don’t see it.”

“I don’t see it either.”

“Let’s find the moon and give it to the stars.”

Listening Skills


Sometimes I think Doodle’s crazy.¬† He says things, I try to decifer what the eff he’s talking about, and my best guess sounds like even more gibberish than the slew of sounds that just came out of his mouth.¬† I write it off as a random thought of his or I just giggle at his apparent attempts to be funny.

Then, sometimes, when I actually take the time to figure it out, my son actually knows what the eff he’s talking about.

Take tonight, for instance.¬† We start to walk into Taco Bell for a nice family dinner.¬† As we’re walking toward the door, I point up at the sign and ask Doodle what letters he sees.¬† He quickly points up and moves his finger toward each letter, “T-A-C-O B-E-L-L.”¬† I tell him how smart he is and we walk in.¬† Then he asks me what a bunch of words are on the menus and other various forms of print.

He makes no real note of the “taco” or the “bell” parts.¬† He’s just super stoked for a “breeto” and he’s totally digging all of the words he’s seeing.¬† Awesome.¬† We’ll enjoy our dinner and he’s had a nice educational moment.¬† We get our food and find a good table.

Then, like some crazy person, he points over toward the door, starts waving his finger back and forth, and says “gon-gon-gon!”¬† I have no idea what that word would possibly mean, it’s not in my Doodle-English pocket dictionary, so I start to study his hand motion.

We were just reading words on the menu, maybe he’s moving his finger as though he’s reading a few words together and, you know, just making random sounds mimicking us reading something out loud.¬† I look towards what he’s pointing at, and there’s not really any obvious sets of words directly toward the door, no random advertisements or anything.¬† Nevermind that, I’m still pretty befuddled.¬† Soon he gets distracted by dinner, though, so I forget about what he was talking about and we continue with our meal.

A little while later, the crazy boy comes back out, and he points at the window right in front of him.¬† Same hand motion, same “gon-gon-gon!”¬† There are some words on the window this time, one of those giant decals advertising volcano tacos or whatever the new big thing is.¬† Granted, it’s backwards from our perspective, but letters still look like letters even when they’re backwards.¬† I consider my hypothesis proven, we talk about the words on the window, and we get back to eating.

So, as we’re eating, I’ve got my cheesy gordita crunch chillin’ in one of¬† my Mexican pizza boxes (I told you guys I eat a lot!) and as I set it down to take a drink, Doodle points at the wrapper sticking up from in the box.¬† Hand motion, gon-gon-gon.¬† But there’s not exactly words written on the part he’s looking at – just the Taco Bell logo.¬† I’m very confused again.¬†¬† If he was talking about the words, he’d just spell out the letters or he’d say “Taco Bell.”¬† He knows that restaurant.¬† We don’t go out to that eat often, but we do go out to eat often enough for him to know what Taco Bell looks like.

I’m confused again, my hypothesis has failed me, my Doodle-English dictionary has failed me, and we have no idea what our son is saying to us!¬† I ask him, “Doodle, what in the world are you talking about?¬† What is ‘gon-gon-gon’?”

Then, as though he’s talking to very dim people, he says “Wook!” and forcibly points back toward the window, gives a more exagerated back and forth hand motion, and says very slowly, very loudly, “GON, GON, GONG!”

Did you catch that, you guys?¬† “GONG


Gong, gong, gong!

Yeah, he was talking about ringing the effing bell the ENTIRE effing time!¬† I had no idea he knew that bells could be rung by making a back and forth motion, no idea that he knew that “gong” was a sound that bells made, no idea that he really understood what the eff the “Bell” part of Taco Bell meant or that the picture above the words was even an effing bell!¬† We don’t learn about bells in this house!¬† We learn about letters and words!¬† We learn about numbers and colors!¬† We learn that certain things Mommy and Daddy say are non-negotiables!¬† We learn that when we don’t pick up our toys, the dog will likely eat them!¬† We do not learn about bells!*

But if Mommy could just get it through her thick skull that Doodle doesn’t just learn from Mommy and Daddy – that he’s actually paying attention to everything around him constantly – then maybe Mommy would start to understand that sometimes Doodle will know things that Mommy and Daddy didn’t specifically teach him.

So there it is, he was pointing toward the door because outside above the door is the logo for Taco Bell and there’s a giant bell up there that can be gonged.¬† He was pointing at the window because outside there’s a giant neon Taco Bell sign on the side of the road right past the window directly in front of Doodle.¬† He was pointing at my gordita wrapper because there were a bunch of little bells all over it.¬† He actually knew exactly what he was talking about the entire time.

Yeah, I’ve really got to work on my listening skills!

*Just to clarify, we are not an anti-bell household – I’m not even sure what that would actually mean.¬† We just don’t have any bells scattered around, and it hasn’t really been one of those major discussion points.¬† Who really talks to their spouse, “You know honey, we should really start introducing little Timmy to bells.¬† We’re in a very crucial bell-learning window with him right now.”¬† I’m sure there are tons of other little mundane things that parents don’t specifically think of to expose their young children to, you know?¬† ūüôā

Scary Monster/Video Attempt 1


If you’re able to watch this video, here’s Doodle concerned about the scary monster in his mouth that he has eaten, the scary monster in the window by the blue [sky], and finally the scary monster in the kitchen.¬† ūüôā

Kind of glad I wanted to try out this video bit here on WordPress, I forgot this video was taken.¬† Don’t you just love his scared face?!