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Feeling Good


I’ve been working really hard on keeping really good habits, though I’ve realized that I have to do it at my own pace. I figured it out after a few dozen organizational websites or motivational Pinterest thingies that I can’t just follow someone else’s idea of what will work, not even really if I get to adjust things and “make it my own.”

I’m not sure if that made any sense at all, and I’m sorry if it didn’t. My brain is currently working on tangents and run-on sentences. 🙂 I’ll do my best to explain…

You guys may remember my post back in March about how gung-ho I was about following a little printed-out binder full of cutesy reminders of what I should be cleaning each day and then magically at the end of 20 days, my house was supposed to be perfect and I was supposed to have the skills and habits of a swell housewife who probably even took off her husbands shoes as soon as he got home from work everyday to give him a nice foot rub. Yeah, that happened.

Well, I did the first two days, not the foot rubbing part, but then I gave up completely. It was probably something ridiculous like, “But I don’t want to clean the bathroom today, I want to organize my closet!” and then I just decided that the whole thing was stupid.

Since then, I’ve tried a ton of different ideas and “systems” – and I even considered spending a couple buckaroos on the Unfuck Your Habitat app because it just sounded like something that would be right up my alley and it would probably share the same disgruntled views of this housey job that I’ve got. Would that be an Unfuck your Habitapp? Either way, I digress, as I do, and that’s why we’re here anyway… But I didn’t want to waste a valuable dollar and ninety-nine cents on an adorable app that would likely only keep me going for a day and a half.

So last week a good friend of mine (another stay at home mama) said something about putting her shoes on to get ready for cleaning the house earlier that day. Uh, what? So she started talking to me about this Flylady thing that a friend of hers had told her about, and that it was really helping her. Apparently one of the main steps of the day to keep your house feeling happy and clean is to get dressed first thing in the morning, including your shoes, I guess to keep you from completely relaxing. The whole, you wear shoes to “real” work outside of the house, so help your brain associate that with work at home, and only take off your shoes and relax at the end of the workday. Man have I been doing it wrong this whole time! 😉

Well, I tried that for a day, as well as a few other steps that I found on the website, like shining your faucets after every time you use them??? But I still wanted to sit on my couch after I put in a load of laundry and stay there until WAY PAST when the dryer went off. Facebook, blog, all sorts of super important things to do, it didn’t matter that I still had on my knee-high lace-up leather and fur boots on, I was going to relax if I wanted to. I just kicked up my boots onto my cluttered coffee table, and went about my lazy day.

Ok, so screw this, I can figure this out on my own! For the entire past week, since the day after I wore my apocalypse boots all around the house, I’ve managed to keep dirty dishes out of the sink entirely. They go straight to the dishwasher, and the dishwasher gets run (gets ran, is run, I don’t know…) as soon as I can’t fit the next thing in it or as soon as all of one thing (like plates or something) is dirty. Then, as soon as the dishwasher is done, everything gets put away immediately.

Also, all trash is thrown out as soon as it is made. It really helps that Doodle LOVES taking things to the trash, so I’ve gotten him to where he’ll actually call me out on putting a small piece of trash on the coffee table or leaving the mac&cheese box on the counter, then he’ll happily take it to the trash for me.

Our normal, have-to-use-daily clutter now goes into a canvas box basket thingy that we originally got to hold Doodle’s cloth diapers. The box stays on the coffee table, and is a convenient “I don’t know where to put this right now” spot. And every few days, or whenever I notice that it takes more than a few seconds to find something in it, I just clean it out. Mainly, I end up fishing out random toys Doodle hid in there or cleaning out Jake’s work pocket trash that he dumps in there every day after work. Hey – at least he’s not leaving it in there so that it ends up in the washer every time… I’ll take what I can get here. 🙂

Speaking of the washer – I spent a whole day catching up on laundry, and now I’ve got a small basket downstairs in front of the washer and a small basket upstairs in our room. Upstairs laundry goes in upstairs basket, downstairs laundry, downstairs basket. As soon as one of them is full, they’re both dumped in the washer, and they get washed, dried, folded, hung, and put away right then.

I also moved my furniture around and was able to vacuum everything that hasn’t been accessible since we moved in two and a half years ago. I didn’t exactly move the furniture around just to vacuum – I’ve been seriously feeling stuck, and rearranging the living room helps me feel like I’m in a new place. That’s the wanderlust gene my loving father passed down to me. Thanks, dad. But the living room is super fun (I can’t wait for Jake to get home tonight to see what he thinks) and the entire floor is super clean – or, you know, as clean as my awful vacuum can make it.

I need to overhaul the bathrooms tomorrow, but it really wasn’t that long ago that I did that anyway, and we’ve actually been doing really good at keeping up on that without even really thinking about it.

Other than that, all I really need to work on is getting in a good method of keeping cooked meat things available for the carnivorous hubby who isn’t home at typical meal times while also providing my vegetarian self and my picky little man with nourishment, all without spending the entire day everyday in the kitchen. I recently realized that I’ve got one of those 3-part crock pot guys in my garage, so I think I’m going to try to figure out how to use those without burning down my house, and I think I’ll be able to do a decent job at just making different versions of whatever I may be cooking all at the same time to appease all of us.

I haven’t touched the coffee cup sweaters, and I’m fairly certain that it’s a completely lost cause to finish them and get them to my friend in time for Christmas shopping. But I’ll keep them sitting here, just in case, you know, I get the intense need to crochet one day after I’ve finished cleaning everything, while my pots are crocking, and I’ve already gone through all of the Facebooking, blogging, and youtubing that I’ve needed to for the day.

This is becoming a long post, sorry, deal with it. Or don’t. Either way. 🙂

Doodle ’bout freaked me out the other day when I got off the phone and found this:

Look mama - I got Link's ears on!

Look mama – I got Link’s ears on!

He had taken it upon himself to use every last drop of spirit gum to get his elf ears on by himself. Nevermind that we used every drop of the spirit gum remover it came with to get off the teeny amount we used on Halloween because THAT SHIT DOESN’T COME OFF! Jake took one look and said, “Oh god, we’re going to have to cut it,” in the most calm and collected (and obviously overcompensating for the incredible surge of emotions going through him) manner with this pale face and deer in headlights look.

A quick and frantic google lead me to a possible solution, so I grabbed the leftover baby oil (that we kept since his baby shower when he was an infant and we never actually used it – see, it pays to keep things forever!) and doused him. It was listed as a “maybe, it might work, you could try it and hope for the best?” kind of solution in the forum I happened upon – but holy goodness that stuff practically DISSOLVES spirit gum. He had giant globs of it on his jeans, I squirted some baby oil on it, rubbed it in a little, and it was GONE – incredibly oily, but gone nonetheless. After a pretty intense hair-brushing session and several baths to get residual oiliness gone, his hair is TOTALLY intact, the spirit gum is gone, and we have learned our lesson of putting prosthetic accessories away and out of reach after we’re done with them.

‘Til next time, folks. It’s been fun. 🙂


Excuses, Excuses


Sure – I’ve been absent for a few. I wish I could tell y’all that I’ve been super busy on these awesome projects.

Excuse #1: So you guys remember my 20 days of cleaning?  And remember how quite a while ago I told you about my good intentions not always leading to results…  Yeah, I cleaned REALLY GOOD that first day, then it was the weekend – whoever thought to give a procrastinator like me two days off???  Then Monday and Tuesday I forgot, I finally did Monday’s thing on Wednesday, and after that I just completely gave up. That’s just how I roll.

Excuse #2: So then I’ve been trying to knit. I’ve had a project for one of the amazing midwife apprentices who assisted in my homebirth/hospital birth on the back-burner since August – maybe September? But I was in the process of making my Doodle’s Halloween costume at that point. She totally understood – no worries if it took a little while. Then I was working on Christmas tutus and marshmallow guns – no big deal, she had tons of Christmas-y projects to work on as well. But when Christmas didn’t happen ’til Mid-March, I stopped making tutus and marshmallow shooters, but still didn’t make her project because I forgot. (If you’re curious why I’m not actually saying the specific project, it’s because it’s a knitted uterus, and I just didn’t want to explain why someone might need one. If you’d like, go Google “midwife knitted uterus” and look it up your-own-damn-self. Otherwise, stop making me explain myself !) 🙂

The reason I now remember that I was supposed to knit this thing is because I have been knitting things for myself. I knitted a beautiful headband.


I also made an ADORABLE hat!


And I even managed to learn how to crochet just enough to start on some adorable letters for Doodle. I got the J and the H done. Go me – 1/13 of the way there. I have no idea why I did the H, though. Seems silly, I should’ve gone for the U, or just started at A like a normal person. But the H and J are done, and that’s what really counts here. 🙂

So I posted my lovely creations – not the letters, they’re not done yet – on my facebook to show everyone how awesome and crafty I am. I mean, if they’re my friend on facebook, they are probably already aware of how awesome and crafty I am, but I still have to remind them every once in a while. Wouldn’t you know it, my lovely midwife apprentice friend has to go on there and “like” both of them – and then even ask me if I can make her a few of those headbands – as though to tell me “I know you’ve been knitting, where’s my flippin’ uterus?!” (Please note how much I’m completely kidding here. I love her to pieces and would knit anything in the world for her until my fingers fell off.)

Excuse #3: Then, I think, oh, it’s end of March, Spring has started, should be a good time to start on some plants, right? I’ve always had a very brown thumb. Like, dead, wilty, maybe even a little slimy from over-watering after it’s long gone, thumb. So last year when I decided to beat this issue and grow some damn plants, nothing that I started from seed (other than my wonderful herbs) actually sprouted, so I just skipped that part and bought a bunch of baby plants that should’ve been easy, right. Well, my cherry tomatoes worked great, and Doodle ADORED them – and I did get two giant banana peppers.


But other than that, I said good-bye to two other tomato plants, two pumpkin plants, a cantaloupe plant, more peppers, I think some carrots, and maybe peas or something? So I think to myself, next year, next year I will redeem myself!

So yesterday, we’re at the store, Doodle’s had nothing to eat for dinner other than ice cream, and to get him to settle THE EFF DOWN I tell him that if he’s super good, we’ll get to dig tomorrow. (You heard me right, I am not even a little bit beyond bribes!) Doodle LOVES tractors, dirt, getting dirty, gross fingernails, you name it. Digging is an awesome bribe, and it actually kept him totally distracted while I found some seeds and other beginner gardening paraphernalia. Then, as I put him down for bed the moment we got home (he passed out in the car, didn’t take a nap earlier that day and had only ice cream for dinner) I gently remind him that we can dig when he wakes up as Daddy will be at work and we’ll play all morning in the dirt and planting the seeds.

Mind you, I was aware of a pending Winter (Spring) storm coming in, but I was naïve and figured that, as we live in a canyon, we actually might have a nice day like the week or so of nice days we’ve recently had. Well, we woke up to about an inch and a half of snow, it’s been snowing the whole morning (although there really hasn’t been any more accumulation – weird, I know) and the wind is blowing all of the snow off the rooftops and such making this horribly frigid white outside world today.  I’m not entirely against sacrificing the integrity of my kitchen floor to do the digging and planting – but, due to my brown thumb, I kind of want to make sure that I have some good sunshine to throw my little seeds under THE VERY SECOND they get all planted and watered, just to give them that extra umph and let them know that I really like them and would love for them to actually grow this year.  🙂

So instead of cleaning, or knitting a uterus or extra headbands, crocheting more letters, or starting my seeds…  this is what Doodle and I have been doing all morning.  🙂

Clean and Organized!


Alright – Today marks day 1 of 20 (not including weekends) of cleaning and organizing the house room by room, closet by closet, all of it.  I’m so excited!  I’ve never really known how to keep good habits where housekeeping is concerned.

I took the idea from Pinterest and made it my own.  Partially because I’m OCD a little, but also because I’m crazy.  That, and she’s from Australia and they spell “organize” wrong (sorry Ana).  Like, for real, all of the checklists and things were already made on this website, and I actually recreated them all, almost identically, just to make it “better” for me.

But either way – today’s big task is the kitchen with a bit of focus underneath the kitchen sink.  Ugh, under the kitchen sink!  I seriously haven’t cared to do anything other than shove crap in that thing and forget about it.  This will be interesting.  :/

I also got a whole bunch of fun baskets and other organizey things from the dollar store.  Should make for some super beautiful cabinets and shelves!  🙂  Maybe each week or so I’ll post some before and after pictures – so you can see how truly disorganized I’ve been this whole time.

Wish me luck!