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So I Got a Little Overzealous… About Everything


I do this a lot, guys. It’s kind of my MO. I find something I like, I run in head first, and then I burn myself out and give up.

Ok, so I don’t always burn myself out and give up. Mainly if it’s for Doodle, I’ll just grind through the last mile or so of a project while every instinct I have is telling me to just stop. Otherwise, when it’s not directly for Doodle, I go too hard and too fast into something that I really love, and one day out of no where my motivation is completely gone. I set huge goals for myself, realizing that they’re entirely possible and that there’s no real legitimate reason I can’t check them off my list, but then I just can’t keep going. I don’t know though, it almost seems like the fact that they’re on my list, at one point or another it starts to make me not want to do them that much more. It’s almost like an oppositional defiance thing.

Take, for instance, I showed a great friend of mine who owns a coffee shop these completely adorable coffee cup sweaters that I made to see if he wanted to sell them for me at his shop:

Elephant, koala, and owl coffee sweaters with coffee bean buttons.  ^_^

Elephant, koala, and owl coffee sweaters with coffee bean buttons. ^_^

I had sent them to him with the idea of selling them with something kind of like a consignment deal – I make some and send them to him, and he sells them and gives me my cut. I send him more whenever I have more. Perfect, right? I can just make them at my leisure, and we both get a bit of a profit whenever anyone wants to buy a silly coffee cup novelty. Well, he saw them and loved them, and he offered me $200 for 20 of them.

$200! That’s flippin awesome! I mean, sure it takes me a while to make one, but I’m not doing anything else, right? Sure, I keep Doodle alive and make food and wash laundry and kick the dog when she snores and vacuum and keep track of all of Jake’s due dates for school assignments and tests. But I’m not doing anything else that brings home the bacon, and that’s pretty cool that I have the ability to make a few extra buckeroos, right? So I make a whole ton of those coffee bean buttons, get all of my yarns sorted and figured, make all of the main parts of the covers… and then I stop. Literally, all I’ve got left is about 10 faces to make and attach onto the sweaters. That’s it. I’ve been sitting here NOT making $200 for 3 months now.  And I don’t know why I can’t just pick them up and finish them.

If something’s not on my list, however, and I’m sitting there with no direct to-do, I’ll just whip out a pillow:

Doodle loves his owl pillow!

Doodle loves his owl pillow!

Again, we’re talking about doing something for Doodle, but it was a perfectly spontaneous project that I can only imagine still would have taken me weeks longer to complete had it been something I specifically wanted to make for him. Instead, I was just sitting there with some material I had come across while cleaning, and I thought to myself, “I should make a pillow for Doodle.” Then I promptly got up and grabbed my sewing machine, scissors, and stuffing and got to work. Not 15 minutes later, Doodle was ECSTATIC to take his new pillow to Grandma’s for a sleepover.

Why can’t everything be like that? Even if it is on a list, why can’t I just get a random motivation and actually finish things?

As far as completing things for Doodle, I’ll still stall to the last second most of the time. That birthday party back in June? I was still finishing party favors, snacks, and cake-decorating as guests were arriving. I had been “working” on it for months. Months.

That pillow though – I think (hope) that pillow changed something in me. That same day, after he went off to Grandma’s, Jake and I went out to get almost everything I needed for his Halloween costume. Three full weeks before Halloween! Granted, we needed to know what all we would be able to procure locally or craft out of basic supplies, that way we had enough time to wait for anything we needed to order online. But anyway, I got the supplies super early. You know what the old Kortney would have done? Put those bags in a closet and remembered them on October 29th!

This new and improved pillow-crafting Kortney, however, went out and enjoyed the rest of the evening with her husband celebrating 10 years together. But then the very next morning, this new pillow-crafting Kortney started cutting and sewing fabric, carving foam, and fabricating accessories. I was determined to not have this project on my list stress me out ’til the last minute. I went head first, but I couldn’t give up. It was for Doodle.

Little Link and Navi

Little Link and Navi

I carved and painted the deku shield, sewed and pieced together the kokiri sword scabbard, carved and put together the slingshot, and designed Navi, as well as designed boot covers and created the patterns for and sewed the tunic and hat.

I carved and painted the deku shield, sewed and pieced together the kokiri sword scabbard, carved and put together the slingshot, and designed Navi, as well as designed boot covers and created the patterns for and sewed the tunic and hat.

Anyway – where I was going with this (That’s right folks! – this post was NOT just a clever attempt at sharing my little guy’s AWESOME Halloween costume with you)…

I’ve been absent from here for a while. A long while. I think since Labor Day? Yep, balloons. That was my last post, on August 31. Along with me not being on here, I haven’t been to your pages either. I do follow a few of you on Facebook, and I love reading your blogs that I see, but I don’t get links to all of them, and I never come check on you wonderful friends who aren’t on Facebook (or at least who I haven’t found yet). And that makes me sad. Because I truly loved being in your lives, even just digitally. But I jumped in the deep end without grabbing floaties, guys, and I sank.

If I can randomly make a pillow in 15 minutes and get Doodle’s costume done *for the most part* 3 weeks before Halloween, I think I can get back on my horse around here. I want to make some goals. Put them on my have-to-do list. Something like, post on here weekly. Maybe even once or twice more in the month to just share a fun picture of Doodle or something we did together. One of these days I even want to try something like a daily picture for a month kind of post like I’ve seen around a bit. Something, anything, to get me in the habit of keeping a habit.

Also, and I’m a little early, but I think my blog’s birthday is coming up – November 20. It’s not really that big of a deal, and I think this is only like my 70th post, but it’s still a milestone for me. 🙂 I think, because I love you guys so much, that I want to do some kind of giveaway for that. Reverse birthday presents work, right? I’ll get back to you on details for that. And if you have any suggestions, let me know! 🙂 I can make cookies, and I’m pretty crafty – what do you guys want?

One other habit I want to keep is getting back in touch with all of you. I will be on here more often looking through all of your blogs, that’s a promise. What would really help me, though, is if you have a Facebook page for your blog, I’d love to know about it. I think I’ve only got like 3 or 4 of you on my wall. What’s super easy about that is I’m on Facebook often. I’m not very good at social things, so I don’t really hang out or talk to people in person often, so Facebook is super easy for me to keep in touch with all of the wonderful people in my life who I love while still giving me the ability to pause before responding or scoot out of a conversation without all eyes on me.

So, my have-to-do list:

  • Post full blog posts weekly on here.
  • Post once or twice more per month small updates with pictures.
  • Get something figured out for my blog birthday.
  • Check your blog posts regularly.
  • Finish coffee cup sweaters.

Your if-you-want-to-do list:

  • Tell me what you want for my blog birthday.
  • If you have a blog, tell me if you have a Facebook page for it.

So I Went a Little Overboard… Happy Birthday Doodle!


Doodle turned 3 last Wednesday. Where in the world did the time go? I swear, this parenting stuff gets harder and harder as time goes and you realize how much is already over. Gone. Done. No more of my darling 2-year-old saying “wuv” and “hopadoctor.” No more of my 1-year-old boy wobbling around learning his new walking skills. No more of my 3-month-old passed out on my chest and drooling down my shirt… Ok, that one had some cons so I’m not terribly missing it!  But newborn baby cuddles are the best, and they’re gone.

But seriously, I have a 3-year-old now! I have an independent, strong-willed, and fearless Doodle-monster now. Safety is of minimal concern to him, new discipline tactics need to be tried regularly as old ones have lost their umph, and opinions are expressed very vocally regardless of my level of exhaustion or headache. But honestly, the fun doesn’t stop, and it seems to just keep getting better! New wonders are discovered daily, and his growing motor skills make for much cooler playtime. It’s really the greatest thing I’ve ever experienced, no matter how done with being a mama I may get every few days. I look forward to watching him learn and grow every single day.

So anyway – along with a 3rd birthday, Doodle just had his 3rd birthday party. And as many of you have probably learned, I threw myself into a pretty good anxiety attack a few weeks ago, neglected household duties the past month or so, and had an outrageous amount of work I had to get done. I’m sure you’ve all been hanging off the edge of your chairs to see the fruits of my labor, so here you go…

All-in-all, we had 16 kiddos and 16 adults. Not quite as many as I was anticipating, but it was an absolute blast!

Dragon head pears.

Dragon head pears.

See those ADORABLE dragons hanging from the umbrella?!

See those ADORABLE dragons hanging from the umbrella?!

Doodle totally diggin' his dragon party.

Doodle totally diggin’ his dragon party.



So I’ll stop here and let you know what all’s on that table: coffee/dirt dough dragon eggs, teeny tiny adorable crocheted dragons, gold bars filled with candy, gold and jewels, sticky dragons, and clothespin dragons with fruit snack wings.

Passing out the dragon eggs.

Passing out the dragon eggs.

Helping Ling and Doodle open up their eggs.

Helping Ling and Doodle open up their eggs.

How fun those eggs look when you open 'em up!  The kids were crazy excited to hatch baby dragons.

How fun those eggs look when you open ’em up! The kids were crazy excited to hatch baby dragons.

So there was also a slip and slide, little dragon pool (ok, so it was actually an alligator – but we can pretend!), sandbox filled with dragons, gold and jewels (you know, because dragons horde treasure), and the swingset, of course. We also did a dragon piñata!

Ling having a BLAST on the slip and slide!

Ling having a BLAST on the slip and slide!

Doodle whacking his piñata!

Doodle whacking his piñata! See how I made the stick a sword? 🙂


CANDY!!! (Sidenote – after most every kid got at least two turns of whacking this thing a good three or four times each, Jake had to come over and break it open!)

And Doodle really didn't care about any of the candy that spilled out once he found a sucker.  Sat here for 10 minutes munching on this while all of the other kids nabbed all the candy!

And Doodle really didn’t care about any of the candy that spilled out once he found a sucker. Sat here for a good 10 minutes munching on this while all of the other kids nabbed the rest of the candy!

So, you guys ready for the cake? I don’t know, I was kinda trying to push this off as long as I could… Ok, how’s this?  I’ll just walk you through making it. We started here:

Just some lumps of cake, right?

Just some lumps of cake, right?

Then I blended up all of those pieces that I shaved off to get my lumps-o-cake along with a little bit of extra frosting, ended up with what was essentially pre-chewed cake mush, and did this:

Do you kinda see where this is going?

Do you kinda see where this is going?

I made me some fondant (powdered sugar, marshmallows and dye), and started decorating.

Wait a second, Kortney - what are you doing with all of those circles???

Wait a second, Kortney – what are you doing with all of those circles???

I got all those (and what seemed like 500 more) circles all placed just so, added a few other colors of fondant for various features, and ended with this:

Yeah, that's right, people.  I made an effing dragon!  Scales and all!

Yeah, that’s right, people. I made an EFFING DRAGON! Scales and all!

LOOK-IT-MUH-CAKE!!!  Made it 100% by myself!  I'm little bit proud, if you can't tell.  :)

LOOK-IT-MUH-CAKE!!! Made it 100% by myself! I’m a little bit proud, if you couldn’t tell. 🙂

Doodle ADORED his cake!  Notice how the candles are coming out of his mouth?  He's breathing fire, guys!!!  :)

Doodle ADORED his cake! Notice how the candles are coming out of his mouth? He’s breathing fire, guys!!! 🙂

Doodle got the whole head all to himself.  It's literally half a sheet of cake.  I was a little nervous...

Doodle got the whole head all to himself. It’s literally half a sheet of cake. I was a little nervous…

Luckily he just demolished it.  Got a few good bites in, but mainly just tore the head apart in a fit of dragon birthday excitement!

Luckily he just demolished it. Got a few good bites in, but mainly just tore the head apart in a fit of dragon birthday excitement!

All in all, it was an absolutely amazing day! The weather was perfect, our friends and family are great, and the kids had a blast! I’d like to think that next May I won’t dig myself into an anxiety attack over whatever ridiculous theme we’ve come up with by then, but that’s just not likely. Depending on what he’s crazy into next year, I may just end up thinking it’d be a good idea to build a pirate ship in the backyard or build a dinosaur dig site in our gorgeous lawn. Please, help convince me next year not to do those things. 🙂

By the way, Jake’s curious – at what age would it be appropriate to have a zombie birthday party? We’re talking, like, brain and limbs being eaten by zombie head and torso red velvet cake, gooey-bloody-decaying goodness everywhere, crocheted bloody body parts in the goodie bags… I say 7, what are your thoughts?

I Just Need To Breathe…


Totally anxiety attack is starting to boil up.  I’ve still got SO MUCH to do for Doodle’s birthday party in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS – crochet dragons, buy foods, make cake, put together goody bags…  And I’ve got so much housework that’s been terribly neglected – laundry, vacuum, dishes, general cleaning, organizing closets that have been overflowing for months…  Bills that JUST KEEP COMING every month no matter how many times I pay them!  (I know – that last one’s just a fact of life)

And then I’m sitting here trying to make Jake’s summer semester a little easier for him by consolidating his schedules for all three of his online classes…  And all it’s doing is making me completely exhausted for him.  I mean, they say summer semesters are crammed pretty tight because they’re so much shorter than regular semesters, but seriously!  I’m going to be tired just looking at him as he looks at this ridiculous schedule he’s going to have to start keeping when he comes home from work tonight.  And I’m going to want to do nothing more than take on as much extra weight from him as I can to help ease his busy world…

Which would just add to my busy world.  Anyone want to take some of my extra weight?  I’ve got three completely clean baskets of laundry that need folded, hung, and put away, then another 3 or 4 loads worth just chillin’ in random piles that need washed, dried, folded, hung, and put away…  I’ve got clean dishes in the dishwasher just waiting for someone to put them away so that the half-a-load of dirty dishes in the sink could be put in the dishwasher.  I’ve got an entire house worth of carpet that could use some good vacuuming action, some couches that wouldn’t mind a nice cleaning, a kitchen counter that’s tired of being a catch-all, and some bathrooms that would like to be scrubbed down…

And on top of that, I’m fairly certain that what I thought was Doodle-allergies this morning is actually Doodle-sick this evening…  Which sucks for three reasons.  One, Doodle doesn’t feel good.  Two, Doodle’s an absolute punk when he doesn’t feel good and I have to figure out how to keep him following certain non-negotiables while also understanding his need to relax on a few rules until he feels better.  And three, Jake and I were supposed to cash in our Doodle/Ling sleepover card for a nice night out either tomorrow or Thursday night, and that’s probably not going to happen because I don’t want Ling to get sick and I don’t want Hippie Mama to have to deal with cranky sick Doodle when all he wants is me helping him feel better. (Bonus reason!  Four, what if Jake or I get sick from him?!?!)

And I need to crochet SO MANY MORE little bitty dragons.  And I have to get plates and cups and napkins and a tablecloth and ice cream and cake mix and snacks and drinks.

Luckily, my GODSEND of a friend is coming down for a few days this weekend to help with the dragons.  She’ll likely help with the getting of the things as well.  But none of it is actually done yet, so it’s totally stressing me out – as you could probably already tell without me having mentioned it…

I know – I need to breathe.  I recognize that I could make my life a little easier by NOT constantly trying to be a super-mom.  And I totally get that sometimes the laundry just has to wait.

And I also know this is all temporary.  In two weeks, Doodle’s birthday party will be done and over with, and things on my end will get back to “normal”.  In two months, Jake will be done with his summer semester, have 22 college credits under his belt, and get an entire month off between semesters.  And then in about three years, he’ll be done with school completely and hopefully switch over to one of those fancy 9-5 kinda jobs everyone’s always talking about.  Then we can have our picket fence and I can stop freaking out about everything, right?

But until then, I need to consciously tell myself to breathe.  And then I need to remind myself that after I recover from my anxiety attack, I’ll feel better if I just get up and actually knock something off my list of things to do.

I think I’m going to go fold some laundry now.

Ah hell, I forgot to feed the dog today!  K, I’ll fold laundry after I feed the dog…

It’ll Only Take Two Hours


Jake and I love building things.

I mean, we’ve really only ever totally “built” one thing – but it was an amazing cart that folded up to be able to perfectly fit into the trunk of our old Kia Rio (seriously tiny car) that we used for a Rainbow Gathering (hippie camping love). It barely took up any room, so we could still pack everything we needed on top of it! And we made the plan 100% ourselves, and we did all of the figuring and measuring and cutting and screwing and finagling together as an amazing wood-stuffs-making team.


And that’s it. That’s why we *love* building things. We VERY successfully built the first thing we ever tried building. I mean, sure, we had played with legos and put together little wooden and plastic models of things before. I’m sure Jake built a birdhouse in cub scouts or something. We’ve assembled furniture and things. But we BUILT this cart, see.

That was almost four years ago, however. (Fun fact – we made it a year, to the day, before Doodle came into our lives.) And we haven’t really had the resources or motivation to build anything since. Until I found the coolest thing in the world that we absolutely had to make!

It was one of the first things I saw when I started using Pinterest about a year and a half ago. A sandbox with benches that unfolds into a cover. Or a sandbox with a cover that folds into benches. Whichever works best for you. But we were broker than broke – had just been through three different moves in four months. I originally just wanted to but it for him whenever funds got back to a good place, but then we found plans to build it. We had a project! We had the motivation, but we were still missing the resources.

Skip ahead to the present – preparing for a 3rd birthday. We needed to figure out something we could get/make for Doodle. It had to be big. It had to be awesome. I skimmed through my “Crafty Stuffs” board on Pinterest. There at the very bottom was the plan for the sandbox! We could do it. We had to!

Jake took off some (much needed) time from work between his Spring and Summer semesters of school, and we knew that this was the only time we’d really be able to devote the time and energy into it. I looked at the plans, read all of the comments on it, got a list of materials we’d need, and let Jake know how easy this thing would be and how fast it would go.

“It’ll only take two hours!”

He laughed at my estimate, I laughed at his disbelief.

Two hours and another trip to the hardware store later, he had grown tired of sanding the 24 boards needed to complete the assembly, so he moved on to staining the first half of the boards. I have no positive experiences with power tools, and he used to be a professional painter, so most of the beginning stuff was all his job. (I mean, I did clear out the 4 foot by 4 foot square in the rock bed while he was working…)  Another hour or so and we were done for the night. The next day, the rest of the wood was sanded and stained in the first two hours of working.  (We are totally aware of the fact that at this point you should really wait until the stain has had plenty of time to cure, but we’re impatient and it was already pressure-treated wood anyway, so we weren’t too terribly concerned about it.  Mainly just wanted the wood to be a little prettier.)

Ok, so we’re a little over my estimate at this point, but this is where the fun really begins! (And, in all honesty, this is where my estimate actually started anyway!)

We got the base put together, and Doodle was crazy excited. He knew that we were making a sandbox, but when we put the base on its side, he darted into it and started dancing.


I briefly considered just stopping here, maybe making a few braces for the bottom to keep it standing up, and giving Doodle a stage for his birthday. But we needed to press forward – we were SO CLOSE! Plus, what would we do with the other 20 sanded and stained 2×4’s that were perfectly measured to fit on his new stage?

We continued working, stopping again for one more quick trip to the hardware store because APPARENTLY I can’t count and we needed more screws. We got the pieces hinged together, put some handles on, threw in a few hundred pounds of sand, and gave Doodle his early birthday present.


Happy it’s almost your birthday, Doodle! Now, if you don’t mind, just stay in that sandbox for the next three weeks while mommy frantically tries to make as many dragon-related things as she possibly can for the 20+ chitlins that will be invading our backyard for your special day and daddy returns to work, picks up a few double shifts to help pay for your shenanigans, and starts up his summer semester.

Total time spent buying, prepping, and building – probably close to 9 hours. Total time spent “building” – 2. Sure, I was right, but Jake was absolutely right to laugh at me.

Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with an Emphasis in Criminology and a Double Minor in Philosophy and Psychology


If you had told me – say, 6 years ago – that the young man I was dating would enroll in college after we got married and made a baby, I would’ve laughed in your face.  Had you continued on to say that he would go for a bachelor’s degree in sociology with an emphasis in criminology and a double minor in philosophy and psychology, I would’ve had you institutionalized.

But that’s exactly what he had me looking up for him today while he was at work.  That’s what I figured for him all day while Doodle watched and rewatched Henry Hugglemonster.  Apparently my husband, who has always detested everything that even sounded like school, loves learning.  I mean, I know he loves learning.  I’ve always known that he loves learning.  But not like this.  Not at all like this.  He literally wants to fill every available elective credit spot (and trust me, there’s a ton of elective space available – it’s a degree in sociology!) with enough philosophy and psychology to add more words to his degree.

How amazing that my wonderful husband works full time to keep a roof over our head and food in our bellies and then wants to completely fill any amount of free time with a degree this extensive just so he can move up in his chosen field and work even harder.  All while I play all day with an incredibly well-behaved toddler (is he almost too big for me to call him that?) and occasionally do some laundry and dishes.  I’m amazed, literally.  And he’s happy.  Happy to come home, happy to go to school, happy to go to work, happy to have time with our family, happy to relax in the back yard with friends, happy to play video games, and happy to turn off his games to do homework.  Just plain happy.  And it makes me happy.  And I do love being happy.  🙂

In other news, Doodle has now gone a full week of dry underoo-clad naps!  🙂  And he’s gotten a ton of peppermints all week because of it.  You know those soft peppermints you get at Christmas time – yeah, this kid digs those things and if that keeps him from making me buy more diapers, I’m all for bribery!  And his language is getting incredible!  And he’s sounding out and spelling words like dog, cat, pig, and bed with his letter magnets on the fridge!  I mean, he watches Word World a lot, and there’s a dog, cat, and pig on the show, and I can think of at least three different episodes where they specifically spelled and created a bed, so I’m sure most of it is just repetition and memory, but still!  That’s repetition and memory of letters, letter sounds, and words!

But with my big boy growing and learning so much, we’ve come to a sad understanding – other than the fact that he no longer says hopadoctor instead of helicopter – Jake and I are officially dad and mom.  Take a moment and sigh with me.  We can’t even threaten him with tickles ’til he stops breathing to get him to call us mommy or daddy just one more time!  I’m sure it’s just a phase – I hope it’s just a phase.  At least let me be mama!  I can’t do this mom business.  Not yet!  That’s too close to, “Mom, can I borrow the car keys?”

I think we’ve settled on dragons for the birthday, which is good because I have my work cut out for me if I want to make myself even more frazzled than I did last year.  His birthday’s in a month and a half…  Gosh, how did he get to be almost 3 already?!  So now I’ve got to get the party stuff going, the invitations and all of the party favors and fun activities and such (not to mention the cake!), I still need to finish that uterus (I know!  I’m such a slacker) and get a few of those headbands done for my midwife friend, get a whole bunch of curtains sewn up for another wonderful friend of mine, and build a sandbox for Doodle’s birthday.  Hopefully all of these things can happen soon.  🙂  And I know I can’t ask Jake for much help.  But that’s ok – he works hard so I can do all of these wonderful things that make me happy.

So anyway, if I’m not around a lot, this is why.  I still love you all, and I will try my darndest to continue commenting on your blogs.  And if anything outlandish or amazing happens, I’ll make sure to tell you all.

So Yesterday Totally Sucked…


Really, Sunday wasn’t much fun either.  It was my birthday, Jake had to work a double, and Jude had been up all night the night prior with a cough and a low fever.  He was miserable, and Jake had to sleep well enough to get up early and work 14 hours, so it was all on me to take care of Doodle.  All day Sunday was taking care of feverish, coughy, stuffy, AND sleepy Doodle who just couldn’t get comfortable.  On my birthday.  Without help from my hubby.  All day.

Night before last, Doodle again didn’t sleep well, Jake had to do the school all morning and work all evening thing, so Doodle was primarily mine again.  Then all morning while Jake was at school I noticed Doodle’s fever starting to go up some.  It had been a pretty steady high 101-ish through the weekend, but we were approaching 102.4’s and stuff.  I got on the phone with the doctor’s office, tried to figure out some of his insurance information, got to a stuck point, and called up the insurance company.

After dealing with ironing out issues with an insurance company (a low-income one at that, customer service probably way worse than Kaiser Permanente or something) while trying to keep my sick Doodle comfortable, Jake finally gets home from school and I get ready to call the doc’s office again.  They had told me there was lots of time to see him later in the afternoon if need be, so I check his temp before I call.

104.  It’s only been 6 hours since he had ibuprofen.

I call, they tell us that even if they could see him immediately, they’re probably just going to tell us to take him in to the emergency room.  So we get bags packed, Jake calls work, and we head to the hospital.  By the time we were actually seen, his temp had gone up to 104.8.

"I feel better"

“I feel better”  Of course you do, Doodle.  The nurse gave you a popsicle!  🙂  Everyone feels better with a popsicle.

Five hours later, we emerge with an “ear infection”.  The docs don’t think it’s actually an ear infection, says his ears look good.  Just, the dozen or so X-rays they took of him ruled out pneumonia, the tests ruled out the flu, strep, and RSV…  Everything they thought it might be, there was confirmation that it was not.  They figured the antibiotics would hopefully help whatever the actual problem is, and all we have to do now is watch him like a hawk for the next however-long to make sure his symptoms don’t worsen.  (And I haven’t even begun to get into the douche-bag moron dipshit idiot that the doc himself was, I may or may not touch on that at some point)

So, Jake still had to head into work for the last four hours of his night, we got some rides figured out to keep me with a car for the just-in-case-Doodle-needs-to-go-back-to-the-hospital possibility.  Then again for Jake’s school this morning and now his work this evening we got car stuff figured out.

Doodle still feels like junk.  He’s a happy sick boy, but still a sick boy.  Coughing a lot, stuffy, outlandishly cranky the second something doesn’t go his way.  His temp is going from like 97.5 in the middle of the night all the way back up to 104.3 as his ibuprofen wears off.  But it goes back down with meds, he’s eating decently, and he’s staying plenty hydrated, so we don’t need to haul him back quite yet.  Thank goodness he loves medicine, super easy to give him all of his ibuprofen, antibiotics, zarbees, and occasional Tylenol for in-between-spikes.

But seriously, this is a really high fever with nothing specifically wrong with my little man.  We’re now approaching 24 hours of antibiotics, hopefully we start seeing progress soon.  If we don’t, I have no flippin’ idea.

(By the way – we FINALLY got a computer!  It’s AMAZING using an actual keyboard.  My fingers almost forgot how to type with the speed and accuracy I learned in high school typing classes.  Super stoked about that!  Just wanted to share.  But now you’ll have to be patient as I try to learn the actual internet format of this blog stuff.  It’ll be kind of funny if I still think it’s easier on my tablet.)

I Wanna Be Sedated


So, to start this post, here’s a little flashback for me and anyone who knew me before I started this blog.  For my new friends here, this is going to be a little bit of my crazy coming through.

Doodle has a summer birthday, beginning of June to be more precise.  I think it was around the end of August when we decided on a home birthday party last year.  His first birthday was at a gym, lots of fun, minimal clean-up…  But there was a horrendous time constraint on everything, making an already stressful day even more stressful.  We didn’t want to go that route again, and we had moved into this place with a really big yard, so why not?

Well, it hit me that our weed and dirt yard just wouldn’t do for my crazy everything-has-to-look-perfect-in-pictures brain, and we wanted a decent yard anyway to entice us to get Doodle outside playing in it more often.  But we were short on time – even fast growing grass wouldn’t be strong enough to sustain a dozen or more chitlins trampling on it in barely over a month’s time.  So we called in some favors, busted our butts, and laid sod in our backyard mid-May.  I mean, like skidloader, till, trailer full of sod…  at a rental.  I know, we’re a little cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

With the lawn situation taken care of, I got to work on party prep.  We decided on a monster birthday party, Doodle just adores monsters.  So in a very short amount of time and with me still working 20-30 hours a week, I made an awesome party on a tight budget:


Some of the monster foods and slime, which was an absolute hit!


I made all of these little felt monster buddies for the kiddos. They took FOREVER, by the way!


Monster plastic-ware holders.


Monster pizzas. I know, I'm crazy.


Happy Monster Birthday Cake!


The chitlins just loved picking out their adopted monsters. And there's Jake holding one of the fourteen party bags I made.


The pants I knitted for Doodle. Yes, specifically for his party. 🙂 They do still fit him, though, and he does still wear them semi-regularly.


Giant monster cutouts for a beanbag toss and darling photo booth.


See how fun? And yes, she's absolutely darling, I know! 🙂


We even had a slip&slide, trampoline, and spinny-waterpark-fun-pool thing. Notice my GORGEOUS lawn?!

So my point here is not to gloat about how awesome of a party I created or anything.  And don’t get me wrong, at the time we had a roommate and she absolutely rocked helping me with so much.  But seriously…  how am I supposed to up the ante with his party this year??  I’m starting to get concerned that we don’t even have a theme yet, and it’s only January!

But with my outrageous history of procrastination, Jake’s new schedule, not having a roommate anymore, and Doodle’s growing need to each day drive me more insane than the day before…  I just, I dunno.

I’m thinking maybe dragons or dinosaurs.  He was a dragon for Halloween though – I’m not sure if that’s ok or not.  I mean, I guess it’s just a testament to how much he still likes dragons, right?  And dragons are way cuter than dinosaurs anyway.  But he likes robots, too.  And legos, and pirates… and farm animals… and tractors… and musical instruments… and bugs…  Ok, he likes everything!  That just makes it harder…

Luckily we’re not fans of cartoon character specific anything, so that narrows down a ton of those options…  But still.

I don’t know.  I guess I just don’t want him to look back at birthday party pictures, see the awesome extravaganza that I made for his second,  and then look at his third and say to me, “Wow, mom, why’d you completely bomb my third birthday party?”

I know how crazy that sounds.  And it was the same concern I had for Christmas this year as we were (and still are) in a much more financially precarious position than last year.  But it’s where my brain goes every time that I feel like I’m not offering him a better today than yesterday.  I can’t make it stop.

I don’t know.  Maybe there’s a reason there are so many jokes about housewives and valium…  maybe a doc would look at these symptoms and wonder how I’ve survived thus far without some level of sedation.  Maybe I should look into that medicinal marijuana bit – I am in Colorado, pot is technically legal now…  Ok, maybe that was just pushing it.  🙂

I’m just stressing.  The sleep factor probably has something to do with it.  My crazy probably has a lot to do with it.  I’m sure it’s not even the birthday at all actually.  I don’t know.  I should probably follow my friend’s advice and try that whole stretchy-meditaty-yoga bit.  Align my chakras and shit.  That might fix me.  Doubt it, but its worth a shot,  🙂